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Gearing up for an ICO? We’ve got you covered

How Yans Media makes ICO animated videos  

  • Discovery. We learn everything about your business. From your history to your goals to your competition, we ask the right questions to find out. Then we listen to understand exactly who you are, what you do, and what you need.
  • Concept and Script. Yans works with you to find a video concept that fits your brand. We construct a script that engages, delivers your message with impact, and persuades potential investors to take action.
  • The Production Stage. We sketch out a storyboard. Then we design a style that aligns with your brand. Finally, we create 100% original art and animations, combine them with VO and music, and bring your video to life.
  • Finalization. Your video is delivered. We make any final adjustments. Then your ICO Promo Video is ready to go.

Examples Of ICO Videos

How can we persuade people to invest in your coin or tokens?

That’s the beauty of video marketing. Video has been proven to be far more successful than text or images. Fact is, you can deliver exponentially more information in an engaging 60 second ICO Explainer Video.

For many executives and investors who don’t have the time to read full white papers or proposals, a professional explainer video can be quite convincing.
ico video

Where should I use my ICO video?

Everywhere. Seriously. The goal is to get the word out, and statistics show that video marketing is incredibly effective.

What kind of style do you recommend?

We recommend 2D motion graphics animation. Here’s why:
  • It’s cheaper than most styles (great for startups)
  • We can create and make changes quickly
  • 2D visuals work extremely well for simplifying tech ideas
  • It’s already an industry standard in tech—especially with Bitcoin and other blockchain companies

How to get started

Simply email us and we will schedule a time to talk at your convenience. Our clients and partners hail from around the globe and we’re equipped to work in any time zone.  

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