The Best Travel and Hospitality Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to market your travel or hospitality business. Here are 10 successful examples to use as inspiration.

The Best Travel and Hospitality Explainer Videos

Everyone loves to travel, and the internet has changed the game for trip planning. From apps that save on airfare, to websites that help plan destinations, to travel blogs and much, much more, there are many ways to make the most out of a trip or vacation. And if you’ve got a travel or hospitality business, there’s no better way to market it in the digital age than with an explainer video. Read on for 10 great examples of travel and hospitality explainer videos.

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1. Tourbuds  Travel App  Explainer Video

Helping your potential audience plan their dream trip and helping them keep it organized is one thing, but how are you going to capture their attention to inform them of the services that they need?

A travel and hospitality marketing video can solve that challenge. With this simple marketing tool, you can capture your target audience's attention and get them primed to hear the solutions your business has to offer to make the most of their dream trip.  

With visual content that conveys the authentic mood of a happy traveler, the Tourbuds video not only captures the viewer's attention with a story, but also persuades them to follow through with a strong CTA.

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2. Airbnb - Love

Sharing true life stories is probably one of the best ways to promote your hospitality business. This Airbnb “Love” video is not just a set of interesting stories; it’s also great marketing content that helps the viewer see the human side of their services.

If you also work in the same industry, you should promote cases that inspire your own testimonial content - it can be a great way to show you care about those who have picked your company above the rest. You've probably got some stories in mind, but if not, just take a look into your reviews section.

So many businesses think that speaking about their services works, but believe me there is nothing better than having others tell great things about you.

3. There's More to Explore

Google has shown us so many ways to create and design explainer videos. This time they have delivered this incredibly convincing travel marketing video. It uses the same brand colors Google is famous for, and keeps the same positivity and upbeat pace that makes you feel like being a part of their products and services.

If your business provides different solutions, then this video is something that you should find inspiration from to get new ideas of your own.

4. Relax — Booking Travel Just Got Easy with Hopper

Searching for the best travel and hospitality explainer videos, I've actually discovered some great tools that I would use for my own trips. For many traveling services, I can often find good alternatives, but what I'll do is try to go in with a blank slate and use the apps who offered their services first and in the most impressive way.

Hopper was one of the first apps that caught my attention. I did some research to see how many alternatives there are for this kind of service. And as of the writing of this blog, there are more than 40 different options created to serve this niche. Now, I didn’t go into every detail of all those apps, but I am sure no one else will either. What I did do is I downloaded the Hopper app, since watching their video made me feel the most confident with their services above all the others.

This is a good example of how travel marketing videos work to add credibility to your brand.

5. Enjoy a city like a Local

What is a travel explainer video supposed to do if not increase the interest around your business? For this video, the producers found the simplest way to explain their services in a few words. Those few words were enough not only to be clear, but also to make you feel welcome wherever you plan on heading next.

The way this video was created allows them to run it across different channels as both an explainer video and as a travel commercial.

6. International Calling

There are so many services out there to make your trip more comfortable. All you need is to find the best ones for your next trip.

One of the most important things for travelers are ways to stay connected with their families and friends. This is what Rebtel offers. And integrated minimal colors and a smooth animation style make it highly engaging content.

7. What is AllTrails Pro?

The AllTrails video is another work on my list that can give you great ideas on how travel animation videos can be created. By showing a young girl hiking alone who can easily use the app to travel safely through the unknown, they show that everyone can hike safely with their app.

When your travel business is designed in a way that could be helpful to avoid safety challenges, instead of talking about those problems, another great technique is to show people being successful in ways that no obstacle could stop them. This tactic is employed well in this AllTrails video

8. The tip that will forever save your day!

"The tip that will forever save your day" is created in a way that makes the viewer feel like they are watching an Instagram story rather than an explainer video or a travel commercial video.

The stories section of Instagram is one of the most popular features in social media today, and the team working on this video used it in a way that modern consumers will really respond to.

Referring to the problem plus solution model, they made another good decision by addressing the problem with humor, making their story fun to watch.

9. Get a real taste of the city with locals”

The “Get a real taste of the city with locals" video could be seen both as an explainer video or as a hospitality commercial.  This sort of video is known as a multipurpose video, and they have been becoming more and more popular as marketing content. What's so great about it from a production standpoint is that you invest once instead of twice, yet get a video for multiple different cases. You can run the same content on TV, on your website, on social platforms, or even - by making some minor adjustments and editing - use it on the download pages of your product.

If multipurpose videos suit your needs, then this is a perfect example of a video to study.

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10. The One With The Puppy

Humor is an effective method to keep your audience happy and give them a reason to come back for more.

The Trainline team probably knows this better than anyone else, as they have created a series of comedic travel explainers like "The One With The Puppy".

There are many subjects in which humor could be welcomed as a way of explanation, especially if you have a tough topic to discuss, as it will make your message more digestible and memorable.

Final Words -

If you’re interested in learning more about creating an explainer video for your own travel or hospitality company, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and are always available for a free strategy consultation.

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