10 Great Examples of 60 Seconds Animated Explainer Videos.

Find out why videos under 60 seconds are a hit for engagement! Explore 10 remarkable examples that will spark your creativity and set the stage for your upcoming project!

10 Great Examples of 60 Seconds Animated Explainer Videos.

60 seconds is often considered a magical number in the realm of explainer videos.

As a leading company in this field, we've found that this duration is indeed the most effective length for such videos.

In this article, we'll delve into the secrets behind the success of 60-second explainer videos and showcase 10 outstanding examples to inspire your next project.

Why 60-seconds

The popularity of 1-minute explainer videos is due to several key reasons. First and foremost, statistics play a significant role. Research indicates that videos under 60 seconds tend to achieve the highest engagement rates.

But why not opt for a 30-second video, which is also under a minute?

The answer lies in the content's efficacy. A 60-second video is just long enough to articulate the problem, highlight key benefits and your unique value proposition - typically requiring about 140-150 words. Additionally, this length strikes a balance between impact and affordability, fitting comfortably within most startups' budgets.

1. Glassfy

Let's begin by examining the classic model of explainer videos: the "problem-solution" format. This timeless concept is as effective as it is ancient, resonating strongly in every application.

But why does it work so well?

Consider a toothache: when you're in pain, nothing seems more important than finding a remedy. It's the same with explainer videos. Addressing a viewer's pain point instantly captures their attention.

A prime example of this approach is the Glassfy video crafted by Yans Media.

This video doesn't waste time; it immediately identifies the problem faced by app owners and proposes solutions. The combination of striking visuals and compelling storytelling ensures viewers stay glued to the screen.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Embracing the classic 'problem-solution' model for clear messaging.
  • Getting straight to the point without unnecessary preambles.
  • Adopting a unique style that stands out.

2. Logitech and RingCentral

Let's dive into our next gem. Think back to when remote work suddenly became the big thing post-Covid. It wasn't just a trend; it revolutionized how we work. But, not everyone was ready to embrace this change, especially some old-school managers.

That's where this fantastic 60-second explainer video comes into play. It's more than a simple product demo. This video smartly tackles the shift to remote work, speaking directly to those who were hesitant. It's not just informative; it's a persuasive powerhouse. The video cleverly highlights the product's perks while addressing common concerns. It's a prime example of how an explainer video can be a game-changer, turning skeptics into believers and showcasing a product as a solution to a contemporary challenge.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Linking solutions with global trends
  • Tactful objection handling:

3. Hard times for super thieves

Sometimes, the magic of an explainer video lies in its extraordinary style and the way the story is told. Let's take a look at a 60-second explainer video that stands out as a testament to this idea. But, a word of caution before you consider following suit: this isn't a path for everyone.

The video's style is stop motion, a niche and highly specialized technique. Finding studios that can deliver this quality of work isn't easy. The storytelling method is equally unique, blending elements of interviews and documentaries to create a captivating short-film vibe. It's important to note, though, that keeping your product's solution somewhat mysterious can be risky – it works only in rare cases.

Despite these challenges, the execution of this video is impeccable, earning its spot in our top picks. It's a masterclass in balancing risk with creativity.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Captivating unique style
  • Innovative storytelling

4. Anchor by Spotify

One of the trickiest parts for explainer video creators is to hook viewers right from the start.

Those first few seconds? They're absolutely crucial.

A common approach is to dive straight into addressing pain points, but this can sometimes miss the mark if it doesn't resonate with the target audience.

Here’s where our next video shines with a clever twist. Right off the bat, the opening frame uses clear text to define the target audience and the specific problem the video addresses. This instant clarity is a game-changer. Additionally, featuring the Spotify logo – a giant in the podcasting world – adds instant appeal for podcast creators. They're drawn in, expecting something innovative for their field.

The video then follows the classic problem-solution format, coupled with a unique value proposition, but it's that initial engagement that sets it apart.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Immediate engagement with text
  • Leveraging brand power

5. Doctors and Friends

Sometimes, a marketing video is just a joy to watch, and this particular 60-second explainer video is exactly that. It's a stellar example of how to pack a punch in a short duration. The hook, the storytelling, the visuals, cultural references, and sound – it's all there, brilliantly condensed into one minute.

Also, what really stands out is a clever technique they've nailed to perfection: the reverse journey from pleasure to pain, and then the solution. It's a vivid portrayal of how life can flip from fantastic to challenging in an instant, reminding us that no one is immune to sudden changes. This approach not only captures attention but also resonates deeply with the audience.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Perfect Problem-Solution technique
  • Creating a great vibe

6. Cyclops | The Simplest Shopper Analytics

How do you really tell if a business video hits the mark? Is it all about the business results? Perhaps, but even a perfectly executed explainer can fall flat if it doesn't connect with the audience or if the product faces tough competition. Or, is it about the level of execution? Sure, but that's something usually only professionals can gauge.

The Dayta Cyclops video is a textbook example of getting it right on all fronts. It’s not just another video; it's a sensation. Featured in multiple top lists, it’s played a significant role in the company’s growth. Just look at the numbers – over 600,000 views on YouTube alone! Plus, there’s a noticeable spike in the company's growth post-launch. This video is a perfect blend of style and substance.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Highlighting transformational results:
  • Feature-focused demonstration

7. MailChimp // Introducing Facebook AdsNOT YET RATED

Mailchimp really gets it – the power of design and how to use it to their advantage. Just look at their latest video. In just 60 seconds, they manage to present their new product, leverage their logo for brand enhancement, and do it all with a stunning visual and motion style.

There's also a clever trick they use right at the start of the video to cement their product in your mind and associate Mailchimp directly with email marketing. The script begins with: "You rely on Mailchimp for email marketing and Facebook for…" This simple but effective approach brilliantly positions their product in the market.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Leveraging design strength
  • Strategic market positioning

8. Visible

Brands are constantly searching for ways to connect with younger generations, and this next video is a prime example of doing just that.

Visible by Verizon took a unique approach. Instead of opting for the traditional animated style, they chose a more iconic style, one that resonates with the emoji and symbol-heavy communication preferences of younger audiences.

By tapping into the visual cues that the younger generation connects with, Visible by Verizon delivers its message in a way that's both relatable and memorable.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Mastering Symbol Use

9. Grammarly -Tone Detector

Next, let’s talk about Grammarly’s bold move. They took the idea of using emojis to the next level in their video, and impressively, they did it without any voiceover. It's a daring approach, as relying solely on visuals can sometimes mean losing out on conveying key information. But Grammarly pulls it off without a hitch.

In their 60-second explainer, they manage to communicate their message dynamically and engagingly. And here's the kicker – it's perfect for any platform. Since there's no sound, this video works wonders whether it's on social media, at an expo, or embedded on a website.

Ways this video can inspire you:

  • Mastering the delivery of a message without voice-over, this video exemplifies the art of silent communication.

10. Hologram

Moving on, let's explore a motion graphics explainer video that really nails brand consistency. It's a showcase of how to blend a brand's look, its market positioning, and the product it offers, all within the style of the video. And the brand we're talking about? Hologram.

The name itself evokes a sense of futuristic technology, and the video lives up to that expectation. It's not just about creating a good-looking video; it's about making sure every element aligns perfectly with the brand's identity. The production company does this brilliantly.

Ways this video can inspire you

  • Brand Integration in Visuals:

Final Words

We know there are countless fantastic examples out there, but we chose these for their unique concepts and diverse approaches.

Our aim was to uncover as many secrets of successful explainer videos as possible for you. We hope you found this roundup inspiring!

If you need help creating your own explainer video, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.We're here to help bring your vision to life.

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