The importance of professional motion graphics for your brand

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The importance of professional motion graphics for your brand

We've already posted a comprehensive guide on how to hire a motion graphics agency.

However, it's crucial to understand why you need to hire a professional company and what the main criteria are for selecting a top-notch agency.

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Expertise and experience

Access to skilled professionals

Okay, I agree. It’s a no-brainer. A professional company with professional staff.

But what does this really mean?

This means you not only get high-quality animation but also professional storytellers, scriptwriters, illustrators, and sound designers, all working together to make your project shine.

Proven track record of successful projects

Companies that set a high bar strive to keep it that way. That's why, even with stuff changes, you shouldn't notice a drop in quality; in fact, it should always be on the rise.

This consistency is due to the founders' proven track record in creating strong company culture, DNA, and workflows.

This guarantees that you will receive the quality level that has been promised.

On the flip side, when you see flashy projects on the websites of unknown companies or freelancers, the chances of getting the same level of quality are quite slim.

Here's another interesting example from our experience. A prospect reached out and asked us to confirm that we created the video below.

I was genuinely surprised.

It turns out, another company from Germany had claimed the project as their own. Crazy, right?

So, be careful and always aim to work with true professionals.

Industry knowledge and best practices

I probably won't be making a groundbreaking statement when I say that professional companies are always on the lookout for industry updates.

They try everything and incorporate best practices into their arsenal. For instance, four years ago, we discovered Lottie animations, a then-new concept in motion graphics.

After gaining some knowledge, we didn't just suggest this service; we created a comprehensive Lottie animations platform that's now one of the most recognized in the field.

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Quality and creativity

High-quality production value

With a professional motion graphics studio, you get more value and ROI for your investment compared to freelancers or suspiciously low-priced companies. Yes, sometimes a $399 video ad might seem like a deal, but it's rarely truly custom.

The value you gain from professionals far exceeds the initial cost, offering a return multiple times over.

At the end of the day, it's more about gaining business rather than just cutting expenses, isn't it?

Customized solutions tailored to your brand

Small teams or freelancers often focus on finalizing projects and quickly moving on to the next one.

However, professional companies prioritize their reputation.

They take the time to understand your product, project goals, competitors, and market strategy. By doing so, they can suggest customized solutions not only for visuals but also from a conceptual standpoint, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

Innovative and creative designs

Working with professional motion design agencies means accessing the latest innovations in the industry, such as multi-dimensional animations, JSON animations, and 360-degree animations.

These companies are constantly evolving and will support you with any solution, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

Innovation also means exploring new partnership methods, such as offering motion graphics production through monthly subscriptions or creating brand templates for faster delivery.

Time and cost efficiency

Why only professional motion graphics guarantees results

Faster turnaround times

There is a stereotype that professionals with a certain mindset love to work slowly: they like to procrastinate, ponder over the project, and seek their inspiration.

While this is partly true, these are also the teams that can mobilize all their strengths and even more power to deliver rush turnaround projects.

Cost-effective solutions without compromising quality

Sure, this might not sound logical at first. However, companies thrive on well-defined workflows and processes, and this holds true for motion design studios as well.

These structured methods enable us to propose innovative solutions, especially for large projects.

For instance, an enterprise company approached us with an undoable request: create 3,000 short animations within two months. Just imagine—designing and animating 60 animations per day!

To tackle this challenge, we developed a library of character and background details. By integrating new technologies, we were able to produce 100 illustrations and 60 animations per day.

Isn't that incredible?

asset library

Advanced tools and the latest software

The best motion graphics companies stay ahead by using the latest technologies and software versions. This means you'll receive your project in any new format or type quickly and efficiently.

Professionalism and reliability

Consistent communication and updates

Professional motion graphics companies always have a dedicated project manager who will stay in touch with you and keep you updated on the progress of your project.

Meeting deadlines and project timelines

Imagine you have an event, but your video isn't ready that day. Or a big campaign is scheduled to start, and everyone is ready with sleeves rolled up, but your project is late.

How much will you lose? Quite a lot.

These situations happen often. Therefore, it's essential to collaborate with responsible people to avoid such pitfalls.

Accountability and dependability

Why only professional motion graphics guarantees results

The company takes responsibility for the quality and accuracy of their work, ensuring that the project meets the agreed-upon standards and expectations.

They address and resolve any issues or mistakes that arise during the project, rather than deflecting blame.

Mitigating risks

Uninterrupted workflow: Unlike freelancers or small companies, professional motion graphics companies have larger teams and more resources, ensuring that your project remains unaffected by individual issues like sickness or staff turnover.

Backup plans: These companies have contingency plans in place to handle unexpected disruptions, maintaining the quality and timeliness of your project.

Resource availability: With access to a wider pool of talent, professional companies can quickly reassign tasks to other skilled professionals if needed, ensuring continuous progress on your project.


Hiring a professional motion graphics company offers numerous benefits: access to skilled professionals, high-quality production, innovative designs, and reliable project delivery. Investing in professional services ensures impactful results and a seamless experience.

Contact us today to discuss your project and achieve exceptional outcomes.

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