Exploring motion graphics: types, use cases, and what's next

Discover the various types of motion graphics, their use cases, popular examples, and future trends in digital media and design.

Exploring motion graphics: types, use cases, and what's next

Motion graphics are now a key part of media production and you can find them everywhere – movies, TV shows, websites, and more.

When I started planning this article, I even found it tricky to wade through all the different categories.

So, I decided to simplify things by dividing motion graphics into two main groups: types and styles. Let's dive into the types first and check out some awesome examples and use cases.

1. UI/UX animation

UX and UI motion graphics breathe life into the user experience and interface of digital products like websites and apps. Think of micro-interactions, loading animations, hero animations, on-scroll effects, animated icons, and more.

These dynamic elements are becoming increasingly affordable, thanks to formats like Rive and Lottie, and fantastic libraries like Creattie. We can't stress enough how much they elevate the user experience—give them a try and see the magic for yourself!

Exploring motion graphics: types, use cases, and what's next

2. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are one of the most widely recognized categories out there—and for good reason!

Need some engaging content for your website or landing page? Check. Looking to enhance your onboarding and education processes? Check. Want to stand out in ads or at conferences? Yep, explainer videos can do the trick there as well.

In a nutshell, motion graphics explainer videos are a powerhouse tool for any business looking to communicate effectively and efficiently.

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3. Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography is all about bringing text to life, making your messages dynamic and engaging. You’ve seen this style everywhere— in shorts, social media ads, and TikTok videos. It’s where text isn’t just a background element; it’s a star player, adding energy and focus to the screen.

But it's not just about looks; it’s a smart move too.

Why? Because it’s easier to produce. When you're racing against tight deadlines, this approach lets you create impactful content without breaking a sweat.

4. Infographics and Data Visualization

Have you ever noticed how an animated infographic on the news grabs your attention instantly?

That's the power of animation!

But let's be honest, data can be boring and, for most people, also complicated. Even those of us who love numbers often prefer graphs and charts. But when we add motion to them, everything changes! It turns your presentation or educational material into something truly refreshing.

5. Interactive motion graphics

Imagine filling out a contact form, and nothing happens—no checkmark icon animation, no flying email - nothing.

Confusing, right?

You might think it failed and try again. This really drives home how crucial interactive animations are for a solid user experience. Sure, checkmark animations for task completion are important, but today's advanced motion graphics go way beyond that.

Personally, I love product demos that let you explore features by clicking on different parts of the product image. Another standout example is interactive marketing materials that respond to your every action.

With interactive motion graphics, the possibilities are endless, making every interaction not just seamless, but genuinely engaging.

6. Augmented reality (AR)

Remember the first time you encountered augmented reality?

If you're around my age, it was probably a quirky character dancing in your camera app—or the explosive popularity of Pokémon Go. I still remember the excitement of those early days! Today, AR is everywhere, from interactive animated movie posters and promotional materials to AR-enhanced theme park attractions.

But what really blows my mind is how AR has revolutionized medicine.

Think about AR-assisted surgery and medical training, or even patient education using interactive models. It's incredible to witness this technology combined with motion graphics making such a positive impact. I can’t wait to see what amazing advancements are on the horizon in this ever-evolving field!

7. Hologram Animation

Eight years ago, hologram animations were all the rage. Remember those resurrected rap artists performing at shows? Even Kim Kardashian's father made a holographic appearance!

Fast forward to today, and this technology has come a long way. Now, it's a staple for product displays at expos, real estate showcases, and concert shows.

But among the many industries leveraging this technology, car companies are the ones who have found a goldmine in holographic displays. These advanced animations aren't just cool to look at—they're engaging and can even save lives by providing clear, crucial information to enhance road safety.

8. Motion Graphics in games and the metaverse

Before AI took the spotlight, the Metaverse was all the rage. But let’s be real, games have always been our go-to alternative universes. A key player in both these worlds? Animation. Motion graphics breathe life into these digital realms, making them vibrant and dynamic. They even power the ads we see in these virtual spaces. This evolution in the digital world owes a lot to cutting-edge animation software. Isn’t it fascinating how far we’ve come?

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9.Data-driven motion graphics

What exactly are data-driven motion graphics? Think of them as automated animations that spring to life from a pre-designed template project and the data you provide. Let me break it down for you.

Picture this: you need an animation right after a goal is scored in a game. You’ve created a template that taps into an API to fetch crucial details like team names, their emblems, and other relevant data. The moment a goal is scored, this info is captured, and voilà! A video about the event is instantly generated.

Personally, I love using Algo TV for this. Their platform offers mind-blowing solutions for mass video production. It can even create personalized videos for customers to be sent out. For marketers, this is a total game-changer.

10. Animated Graphic loop, logo and others

While there are countless categories and types of motion graphics, let's draw some inspiration from Mojo TV and highlight a few notable mentions.

Animated Graphic Loops

Description: Think of seamless, repeating animations that create continuous motion.

Use Cases: Perfect for background animations on websites, eye-catching social media posts, and dynamic digital signage.

Logo Animation

Description: It's all about bringing logos to life with captivating movement and effects.

Use Cases: Ideal for brand intros in videos, spicing up website headers, and adding flair to promotional materials.

Animated Ads

Description: These motion graphics are crafted to grab attention and convey messages swiftly.

Use Cases: Fantastic for social media campaigns, engaging online banner ads, and memorable TV commercials.

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Visual Effects (VFX)

Description: This is where live-action footage meets computer-generated imagery to create stunningly realistic effects.

Use Cases: Widely used in films, TV shows, video games, and high-end commercials to wow audiences.

AI-Driven Motion Graphics

Description: Leveraging artificial intelligence to automate and elevate the creation of motion graphics.

Use Cases: Excellent for personalized video content, real-time data visualizations, and automated social media videos.

Exploring these categories can truly expand the horizons of what motion graphics can achieve!

Please give it a voice. It sounds faceless.


Motion graphics are everywhere! Whether it's UX/UI animations making your apps pop, explainer videos breaking down complex ideas, or kinetic typography breathing life into text, motion graphics are everywhere.

But what's next?

I think we should expect to see more data-driven motion graphics and AI integration, delivering personalized and timely content like never before. And don't forget AR, VR, and the metaverse—motion graphics will be at the heart of these immersive experiences.

Need innovative motion graphics solutions? Reach out to us! Our passionate team is ready to help you stand out and captivate your audience. Let’s create something amazing together!

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