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Explainer Videos: Why They Are So Effective?

Guys, this is our first blog post and we hope you will find this helpful. We did our best!

Have you ever been inspired by the idea of creating an explainer video?

You ask yourself ” It’s really worth it?”

Why the most well-known mega companies engaged in entrepreneurship and business create explainer videos?

Well, we’re asking these questions (and tones more) before starting creating ourselves.

Let’s breakdown together.

In the scenarios when you are 100% convinced that your output product is not “as cute” as to be sold to the public, there still can be found a person who would take a much diverse look at your product and buy it eventually. The first thing that we noticed was that with explainer videos help, brands simply communicate their ideas in a quick, understandable and clear way. Also, we noticed that the audience clearly understood how the particular product resolved a problem.


Always Focus On The Fundamentals

Consolidating an explainer video isn’t more difficult than making a PowerPoint slide show.

 From the very beginning, you make a design of your ideas and find suitable graphs, animations and other interesting techniques to communicate your ideas through explainer videos.

 One thing to remember:

 You’ll need to be concise and genuinely explain how things are done.

 The greatest difference is the final step of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together into an easily accessible video file format.

When a viewer gets familiarized with a particular business on the web, very often he or she quit watching the website due to “foreign” language or the fact that the content used did not sound user-friendly to get familiar about the services offered by that company. This is where animated video jumps in. 

Some Tips From Freud

The human brain is designed to respond to contents, especially those that communicate familiar ideas. Through a mixture of unfamiliar and familiar ideas, stories told through explainer videos get viewers introduced to new concepts. An explainer video tells clients why they should care about a business.

Originally, an explainer video should be 30-90 seconds in length which translates into a written script of around 200 words or less in most cases. What an explainer video achieves is just incredible.

Explainer video sublimates diverse and difficult wide-ranging and compound ideas into a user-friendly format, allowing viewers to leave with a much better idea of what a company does and why its services are important.

What is different about explainer videos is that they use a simple story to communicate something broader, such as why a particular business exists.

Why Are Animated Explainer Videos So Effective? 

Videos Are Content Marketing King

News about video taking online marketing by the storm is a thing of the past. Video is already here and is probably what your clients are consuming right now.

So why don’t go where they already are and give them what they are looking for?

Google Loves Animated Marketing Videos

There are a lot of statistics that prove it. With the advent of online video, Google’s algorithms have to keep up with the new trends, placing a special emphasis on websites that create dynamic and unique video content for their visitors.

This means that a web page with more motion graphics explainer videos and less text will rank better in Google Search.

Videos Improve Conversion Rates

Surveys can provide conflicting data, but they all agree on one thing:

People are more willing to purchase something after watching a video.

Through simple scripts and amazing graphics, explainer video production companies have a special way of clarifying concepts and providing direct and engaging information on products or services.

Therefore, visitors can make more informed decisions and improve your conversion rates, becoming life-long clients in the process.

Explainer Videos Provide Unparalleled Access

More than one billion unique users visit YouTube every month.

Over 4 billion videos are viewed every day.

Not to mention social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, which are rapidly becoming more video-friendly.

This means that at any given moment, millions and millions of people around the world can be watching your product explainer video. What other forms of content can give you this kind of access?


 Video Can Go Viral

There is no proven formula for “going viral”, but if there is one form of content that an explainer video production company can use to introduce the right content to the correct eyeballs, that’s video. Viral videos garner millions of views, create important discussions and inspire powerful change, all within seconds. They are also the perfect way to increase traffic to your website. If that’s not effective marketing, we don’t know what is.

Animated Corporate Videos

There is probably a new story developing in your business every day.Maybe you want to translate all that technical gibberish from your business plan into simple moving images.Perhaps you want to explain your value proposition in a way that even a 5-year-old gets it.Or you simply want to show the world how much fun casual Fridays are at the office.Animated corporate videos can be a great way to connect with clients—even the less technical ones— with a friendly voice and amazing 2D and 3D motion graphics.Now your website explainer videos can show the world the real faces behind the avatars and the personalities who make everything possible.

Landing Page Videos

Landing pages are an essential part of marketing. Unfortunately, 44% of B2B companies don’t have one. The ones that do assume that old pictures and irrelevant bullet points are good enough. Videos on your landing page can increase the amount of time people spend on your landing page, providing more time for your message to sink in. They can also stress your call to action even more and provide high-converting features to your message.

Startup Videos

Startup videos help startups build trust and sharing details on their new products with their customer base and take your digital efforts to new visual heights.This trust factor also comes in handy for management wanting to connect to investors. Using video’s high levels of memory retention, your startup explainer videos can become a direct and creative elevator pitch that perfectly describes what the startup is all about.


Social Media Videos

In an increasingly mobile world, one of the main goals of a video is to increase engagement and reach the demographics that matter the most to each client. Explainer video animation specifically designed for social media and It’s an excellent option to sell your company within seconds, entertain your audience and use emotional storytelling to reach your goals.


Product Animation Videos

Regardless of your industry, video can expand your audience’s short attention span and educate them on the specifics of how your products and services work.From education and e-learning to healthcare, finance or technology, product animation videos can simplify extremely complex solutions and make them more digestible for clients. This is especially helpful when it comes to industries like healthcare and finance, where people’s lives depend on products that might not be the easiest to use.


Aram Movsisyan

Video Marketing Expert.

    Aram Movsisyan

    Video Marketing Expert.