Everything You Should Know About Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing is everywhere, but we are still in the early stages and it’s still underrated! We give you everything you need to know about how to use it for your business.

Everything You Should Know About Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing can be classified as any kind of video content that helps push your business and reach out to your potential audience via online channels. Generally speaking, this could be content like a promotional video, explainer video, design video, video blog, video tutorial, etc. Read on for everything you need to know to give you the best chance for success with video marketing in the digital age.

Why Do I Need Online Video Marketing?

Marketing Video is the best possible way for businesses to start the conversation with their target audience, give them a glimpse of the benefits they can get, and strengthen the brand in their customers’ mind.

If you’ve been unsure about the power of online video marketing, it will help to take a look at the statistics. According to Datareportal, 4.66 billion people around the world now use the internet – that’s close to 60 percent of the world’s total population. That’s already a huge amount of people that use the internet in their daily lives to learn, check the news, and search for specific information, products or services. All these people are open and accessible if you have an offer of value for them.

Another stat provided by Google says that 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. And if that’s not enough for you to understand the power of online video marketing for your business, nothing will convince you!

What Are The Best Types of Marketing videos?

There are more than 30 different types of marketing videos. For every business, there can be at least 2 or 3 solid options to choose from. To keep things focused, I’ll mention the best and most popular online marketing video types that can be beneficial for any kind of business.

Explainer Video

This type of video content can be a great solution for nearly every kind of business. Whether you need to explain how your business works, what your benefits are, how your customers can simply use your product or service, or educate your target audience and inform – in all these cases explainer videos can work great.

Explain, entertain, and gain – this is the magical formula for explainer videos. If you’d like to Learn Everything About Explainer Videos, follow the link and explore our case studies, best practices, and more.

Product Demo Video

This is a short video that can help you demonstrate your product and showcase the features that could be beneficial for your target audience. You can use different techniques to create this type of content. It can be a live-action video, animation, or a combination of both.

Launch Video

For launching a new product, service, or feature, this type of content can play a crucial role. For a launch video you can create a short piece, or create an event like a conference or online event and then upload that video across your channels.


These are videos that will help you educate your customers on how to use your products. The more informative your video is, the better the chances your viewers will become engaged with your product and brand.

Brand Videos

Branded videos allow us to showcase the values of our company, speak about our strong sides, and showcase traditions we hold. When creating branded videos, you should stay away from directly advertising your brand. Instead, focus on the aspects that make your brand truly stand out and show the human side of your company.


This content is produced specifically for the paid promotion of products and services. While many think that traditional commercials can be run only across TV Channels, it has now become more popular to run them across social media too. And if you’re asking me – I would rather put my commercial online because this is a much cheaper way of promoting a business than across television. Another huge reason is that you can show your promoted ads to a certain targeted group of people while on TV your ads are shown in a shotgun approach with very little targeting available.

Company Culture Videos

If your company holds great values that you would like to share with your audience then why not promote them? Sharing this kind of information will help you not only build trust for your business, but also let your potential hires realize that your company is a great place to work.

Which Is The Best Social Media Channel to Place a Marketing Video?

Our answer to this question will be ambiguous. Why? Because this is the first question that you should have an answer to before you ever even create your first marketing video.

Every call to action you create should be targeted to certain people that also use specific social media platforms. So the best social media channels to show your video are the ones where your potential audience lives. When you determine the answer to this question, then you’ll know it’s time to start creating a marketing video for that social channel.

How To Create a Successful Marketing Video

Video has the power to illustrate a product and service faster than text-based content, allowing users to capture information provided in the video on the initial impression rather than clicking through many pages or scrolling through lines.

As more people watch more videos than ever before, there has been a need for marketers to analyze how they can best utilize videos. In order to be successful at launching your video, there are several concepts required that you need to understand that differ in the video marketing field.

1. A video make take a while until it is exposed to many people.

Thanks to free-to-use video hosting platforms, people have been able to start personal video channels for any purpose they desire. Because video doesn’t promote itself, a video is likely to be buried under the endless amount of videos that already exist. Marketers should find those who can share their videos to make them rise above the other content out there.

2. Video content should be made consistently.

One role that video plays is to engage and communicate with viewers. Even though you may think you’ve got no new product or service to offer for customers, you should always create video content consistently to keep engagement with them. This also works to ultimately capture more viewers who can become a potential fan of your brand and share with others.

3. A video takes more effort to be created.

Video is always in need of creative ideas. Visually attractive videos that got a lot of views can work from many angles. Unlike text-based marketing that has certain rules (such as writing words from left to right-hand side, etc.), video-based marketing doesn’t have a specific rule that it must follow where and when images, texts, and other videos should fit within it. This is a massive advantage for video marketing. However, at the same time, it does require unique techniques and skills that you’ll have to learn to create a video.

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Final Words

Of course, you don’t need to master unique skills and techniques to create optimal marketing video content. We encourage you to understand the basics so you can help your own brand, and that also allows you to have a better relationship with a partner who does have the experience and legacy of producing online video marketing content. If you’re interested in taking your digital marketing to the next level, we’d love to start a conversation with you today!

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