What's the ideal length for Linkedin video

Wondering about the ideal length for a LinkedIn video? Whether it's a looping 20-second clip or a longer format, let's discover what works best for you.

What's the ideal length for Linkedin video

So, you know LinkedIn, right?

It’s basically where people go to talk about work and business stuff. Unlike places like Instagram or Snapchat, where it's all about fun photos and stories, on LinkedIn, it's more about serious business talk. And if you want to share something cool you can do or offer, using a video on LinkedIn is a smart move.

But How Long Should Your Video Be?

Keeping your videos short, like 15-30 seconds, is usually the best way to go. This makes sure your video can be seen in lots of different spots on LinkedIn without annoying anyone. If you have more to say, it’s okay to make it longer, but try to stick to the point.

What’s Your Video For, Anyway?

Before you start making a video, think about what you want it to do. Are you trying to get people interested in something new you’re doing? Or maybe you want to show off what makes your brand cool? Depending on your goal, the length of your video might change.

If you’re just saying hi and introducing something quickly, keep it under 30 seconds. You’ve got to grab people’s attention fast because they lose interest quickly.

Heads Up:

If your video is super short, like 20 seconds or less, it’ll play over and over again. That can be pretty handy.

For deeper stuff, like explaining something in detail or getting people excited about something, a video that’s 30 to 90 seconds long is good. And if you’re looking to hire someone or show off your company culture, stick to 90 seconds max.

What's the ideal length for Linkedin video

Start Strong

According to Linkedin research, The beginning of your video is super important. You have about 6 seconds to make someone decide to keep watching. So, make those first few moments count. Be clear and get to the point fast.

Try Different Things

The lengths I talked about are just general tips. Your video might work better if it’s a bit longer or shorter. It’s cool to experiment with different lengths and see what gets the best reaction from people. Pay attention to how many people watch your video and if they interact with it. This will tell you if you’re on the right track.

What's the ideal length for Linkedin video

Do long videos do well on Linkedin?

Yes, they can, especially if you’re teaching something or going in-depth about a topic that people are really into. Although you can upload videos up to 30 minutes, sticking to 10 minutes or less is usually better to keep people from getting bored.

Final Words: Making LinkedIn Videos That Stick

Remember, LinkedIn is your spot for sharing what you can do in the business world. Keep your videos short and sweet, mainly under 30 seconds, to make sure people watch them. But, if you’ve got more to say, don’t be afraid to go a bit longer, just keep it engaging.

Before getting started, think about what you want your video to achieve. Whether it's getting people excited about your brand or teaching them something new, the length of your video should match your goal.

Start your video with a bang, because you've only got a few seconds to catch someone's attention. And don’t forget to test out different lengths and styles to see what works best.

Even though it's tempting to make a mini-movie, try to keep your videos concise and to the point. Sometimes, longer videos are okay, especially for educational content, but try not to go over 10 minutes.

Stick to these tips, and you’ll be making LinkedIn videos that not only get watched but also make a lasting impression.

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