Youtube Channel trailer Videos

YouTube channel trailer videos are used to introduce your brand to new customers. We review some of the best examples online to inspire your next trailer idea.

Youtube Channel trailer Videos

A premium YouTube channel trailer video for your brand is essential for your online presence.

In this post, we dissect how some of the most prominent brands approach this unique and vital piece of content. After reading, you will be able to apply what has worked for others into your YouTube channel trailer ideas.

1. Asana

Our first video is from Asana, a work management software company. The YouTube channel trailer video above shows a great example of identifying a problem.

The trailer begins with frames of an assortment of silos (literal silos for storing grain) in different settings. The reference is a business analogy for separate departments becoming isolated from the broader brand mission, a common problem in the modern workplace, especially with remote collaboration.

Asana created a short video using the silo analogy to communicate how their platform can add visibility to business collaboration. The brand's YouTube channel trailer show how you can take a creative approach to a video but still clearly identify a problem and present your company's unique solution.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox demonstrates another example of building a connection with an audience. While Airbnb uses nostalgia, the YouTube channel trailer above pulls directly at our heartstrings to present Drobox's value proposition.  

The cloud storage company shows us intimate images, videos, and files preserved safely within the platform. Dropbox recognizes that consumers are more likely to respond to something tangible like a family photo rather than focusing on how much storage you can purchase, pricing, or other technical features.

Dropbox's tagline at the end of the video, "For all things worth (sharing)(organizing)(signing)(reviewing)(syncing) saving," is a genius way to stay on the theme but also subtly remind viewers that the product offers more features than just storage.

While there is a time to layout features in detail, a YouTube channel trailer is a great place to create an emotional connection and urge viewers to seek out more information.

3. Slack

The messaging app creates an impressive trailer focusing on a contemporary issue that Slack happens to solve, the shift from a traditional workplace to remote/hybrid environments.

Slack illustrates the current state of limbo many businesses are struggling with by presenting a combination of past and future imagery. The producers also incorporated a mix of animation, computer interfaces, and live-action to adequately explain how Slack is the future of communication.

The video above shows us how to take advantage of a current issue when your product offers a solution. Slack, along with other cloud-based workplace communication applications, has taken advantage of the pandemic to expand user adoption.

When your product solves a pertinent issue many people can relate to, you must capitalize, or your competition will!

4. Childline

Childline provides us with multiple YouTube channel trailer ideas showing the benefit of animation. The UK-based child crisis hotline uses Claymation to depict how a child may not feel comfortable in their skin. Mental health, especially regarding children, is a touchy subject, but Childline's creative use of Claymation shows us how we can approach complex issues.

Choosing animation allows you the freedom to take a creative angle, demonstrating your brand's value without the limitations of other types of media. A live-action video with the same script would be confusing and too graphic. Childline's choice allows the company to communicate the problem and offer its solution creatively that isn't off-putting to most viewers.

5. Duolingo

We are huge fans of Duolingo's video content because they capture the brand's vibe to a tee. The video above is a fabulous YouTube channel trailer that uses a song as a VO, leaving the viewer with the urge to download the app, learn a new language, and travel to a tropical destination.

Duolingo's song plus bright color pallet makes the viewer feel like they are in the app's interface, having a great time learning a new language.

When preparing YouTube channel trailer ideas, be sure to stay on-brand. You don't have to go over the top and produce a catchy song (although it's not a bad idea), but you must reflect your company's vibe and aesthetic to maximize lead generation from YouTube.

6. Motion Design School

Identifying your company name, value proposition, stating a problem, offering a solution, and finishing with a call-to-action, are considered best practices when creating video advertising. However, The Motion Design School is in a unique situation where they can use the video as a proof of concept for the product they are selling.

Let me explain.

The video above is essentially just 30 seconds of high-quality 3D animation and the course name at the end. Because the Motion Design School is selling classes on animation, showing the viewer anything other than a premium animated scene isn't necessary. The choice to leave out a VO, CTA, and any additional information about the product is usually very risky, but in this case, it works!

After watching, prospective 3D animation students are 100% sure that the Motion Design School can produce professional quality work.

7. Adobe

The video from Adobe is another YouTube channel trailer example that provides users with validation. In this case, we get more traditional components of a video ad; however, the viewer is still shown how powerful Adobe's software is in real-time. The incredible features in the software are shown on-screen, building consumer confidence and excitement.

If you can validate the features of your product or service in a short video, we highly suggest going for it. That could be showing your interface on screen, hearing from a customer, or walking viewers through how the solution works.

8. iVent

We choose iVent as one of our YouTube channel trailer ideas because of the video's perfect audio. Choosing the right tone for the VO, music, and additional sounds are critical components of a marketing video.

iVent uses a robotic, precise VO that communicates the app's ability to plan and manage virtual events. The music is upbeat, moving the video through frames quickly. And finally, the futuristic noises give the viewer the feeling of accomplishment.

Video is the main component of YouTube content, but marketers shouldn't overlook the significance of high-quality audio.

9. DriveSavers

The last video we cover is from DriveSavers, a data recovery company. While the brand isn't limited to just helping Apple customers, the production team focused on this market segment for the trailer.

We choose the video as one of our YouTube channel trailer examples for two reasons:

1. DriveSavers chooses a lane to differentiate their brand from competitors
2. They execute by catering to that specific target market  

Apple customers offer a significant percentage of DriveSaver's potential business, especially being a US-based company. The video proves the producers understand the audience by including a young, hip character, presenting a wide range of Apple products, and imagery associated with the technology manufacturer.

Final Words

We've covered many different elements that make the best YouTube channel trailers so successful; we hope you are inspired to start making premium video content for your YouTube page. If you need help putting together an animated video, Yans Media has over a decade of experience delivering for various brands in a wide range of industries. Reach out today for more information.

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