15 Great Alternatives to YouTube

Sites like YouTube - A comprehensive review of the 15 best solutions to store your videos and efficiently reach your users. Research by Yans Media

15 Great Alternatives to YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting solution. However, it may not be the best one for your business.

There are a lot of worthy alternative sites like YouTube that may help you:

  • reach a specific target audience
  • customize your videos,
  • get analytical insights on your video
  • marketing efforts
  • get rid of intrusive ads
  • and store your videos in a more secure way.

Here are the main cases when you need to consider YouTube alternatives for business video hosting and marketing, plus a comprehensive review of the 15 best solutions to store your videos and efficiently reach your users.

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  1. YouTube for Business and Video Marketing – Pros and Cons
    1.1 YouTube Pros
  2. When You Should Consider YouTube Alternatives?
    2.1 Useful Recourse
  3. Sites Like YouTube
  4. Top 15 YouTube Alternatives to Choose From
    4.1 1. Vimeo
    4.2 2. Wistia
    4.3 3. SproutVideo
    4.4 4. Dacast (previously Vzaar)
    4.5 5. Vidyard
    4.6 6. Viewbix
    4.7 7. Kaltura
    4.8 8. Wix Video
    4.9 9. Cincopa
    4.10 10. Dtube
    4.11 11. DailyMotion
    4.12 12. Tik Tok
    4.13 13. IGTV
    4.14 14. Brightcove
    4.15 15. Facebook
  5. What Is the Best Alternative to YouTube?
    5.1 Conclusion

YouTube for Business and Video Marketing – Pros and Cons

video marketing statistics

Even with 2 billion daily active users and the achievement of being the second most visited site in the world, it’s still good to think critically and reasonably assess the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube for business. Here are the main points to consider.

YouTube Pros

  • Great coverage and popularity. There are only 9 countries where YouTube is banned. In all the remaining counties, this video platform is one of the most popular.
  • Free to use. YouTube is completely free for all users to post, share, and watch videos. As for paid upgrades, you can remove ads on videos you watch for $12 per month (which seems a little pricey if you aren’t a YouTube superfan).
  • No limitations on the length and amount of uploaded videos. YouTube allows you to store and share videos of different lengths without limitations on quantity.
  • Good for SEO. Using YouTube for business promotion allows you to get discovered in Google search results with the help of the video section.

When You Should Consider YouTube Alternatives?

  • You are targeting a specific audience that uses specific platforms. Despite YouTube’s popularity, there are specific users’ groups that use it less frequently than other platforms. For example, Gen Z prefers TikTok.
  • You need additional solutions for video marketing and target audience reach. There are a lot of all-in-one marketing solutions that may help you with building your sales funnel, target audience reach, social media marketing, and employee engagement in addition to hosting your videos. A lot of video-hosting solutions also offer advanced analytics and conversion-boosting features like adding interactive CTAs to your video, integration with your CRM, feedback tools, and more. Sure they are pricier, but it allows you to manage your marketing strategy from one place.
  • You want more options for customizing the player embedded on your website. Recently, YouTube announced that the company is going to give channels’ creators some customization opportunities. However, there are a lot of YouTube alternatives that already offer a lot of them.

Useful Recource

How To Build a Video Sales Funnel To Get Results

  • You want to create a highly effective and customized sales funnel. It is very easy to get lost in YouTube’s noise. As we have said, YouTube’s recommendation engine is smart enough to offer users perfectly-matched content and make them jump from one video to the next one. As a result, users may lose their focus and forget their initial intent – to find out more about your brand, product, or service.
  • You don’t want third-party ads to interrupt your video. Again, continuing the previous point, YouTube’s ads algorithms are also data-driven. The third-party ads interrupt your video and make your viewers wait for 5 seconds. What’s more, it could be an ad created by your competitor. In this case, the competition on YouTube becomes completely unfair.
  • You are in need of better security when hosting your videos. There are a lot of concerns about YouTube’s security, especially when it comes to storing videos with confidential information. For example, videos used for employee onboarding or internal meeting recordings.
  • You want to get more analytical insights about your video marketing efforts. YouTube analytics are quite limited and provide only basic information about views, shares, likes, and so on. However, if you’re betting high on video marketing, you may need more actionable insights.

Sites Like YouTube

  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • SproutVideo
  • Dacast
  • Vidyard
  • Viewbix
  • Kaltura
  • Wix Video
  • Cincopa
  • Dtube
  • DailyMotion
  • TikTok
  • IGTV
  • Brightcove
  • Facebook

Top 15 YouTube Alternatives to Choose From

choosing video hosting

If one of the previous situations fits your business needs, it makes sense to investigate YouTube alternatives for marketing and hosting your video content. We’ve selected 15 alternatives based on their pros and cons, prices, and possible uses.

1. Vimeo


Vimeo is perhaps the second most well-known name after YouTube when it comes to video hosting and marketing. Without a doubt, it’s a worthy YouTube alternative since it provides extensive branding capabilities and is well-known among the public. What’s more, Vimeo is a perfect fit for design teams since they can share their products and get feedback from the active community.


  • Flexible customization setting for better branding
  • Actionable analytics inside the platform
  • Affordable price for business use
  • The opportunity to monetize your videos as a Pro user
  • 250 GB allowed to be uploaded per year in the cheapest plan
  • Vimeo is ad-free


  • Smaller native audience compared to YouTube
  • No visibility in Google search results
  • Storage amount limits are not flexible (but are directly connected to a level plan you choose)

✓Price: free trial, $7-75 per month
✓Suitable for: designers, businesses who look for flexible customization and extra video monetization opportunities.

2. Wistia

wistia business video hosting

Wistia is a 100% result-oriented video marketing solution that helps you effectively unitize videos at each stage of the sales funnel.


Conversion-boosting features like clickable CTAs and email integration
Twitter integration
Advanced analytics
Flexible customization for better branding
Easy CRM integration


Wistia is one of the most expensive solutions on the market. However, it does everything possible to make the investment pay off with its extensive video marketing results.

✓Price: free hosting for 3 videos, 99$ per month for an unlimited amount of videos, plus 25¢ per video per month if you already host more than 10, plus an advanced pricing plan (price should be requested) with 100 videos ( 25¢ per video per month if you have more than 100)
✓Suitable for: Marketing profesionals

3. SproutVideo


This video hosting tool is focused on marketing and sales team collaboration and allows you to securely store your videos plus create custom video journeys for your users.


  • Great focus on security
  • Geo-restriction feature
  • Flexible pricing plans plus a free trial
  • Advanced analytics


  • No built-in audience
  • The solution is difficult to set up

✓Price: free trial, $25-500 per month
✓Suitable for: business aimed at promoting a video with SEO tools

4. Dacast (previously Vzaar)


Dacast is one of the leading solutions for video marketing with a focus on live-video creation, storing, and sharing with a Streaming as a Service approach.

Strong security
24/7 tech support
Video and Player API
Very flexible prices

It takes time to discover all the features and find the ones that will be most promising for your business

✓Price: free trial, $21-188 per month billed annually, plus a custom pricing plan by request for larger needs
✓Suitable for: businesses looking for an all-in-one solution

5. Vidyard


“More than just video hosting”, Vidyard is a great tool to generate leads and engage your customers.


  • A/B testing features
  • Advanced analytics
  • Advanced SEO features
  • Used by leading brands from multiple industries
  • Flexible pricing for business and personal use
  • Even free features will be enough to get started with your video marketing strategy

The Business package is too expensive ($1250 per month) considering the features it provides

✓Price: $0-$1250 per month
✓Suitable for: marketing and sales teams aimed at getting top-notch analytics and  email marketing

6. Viewbix


The goal of Viewbix hosting service goes beyond storing your video in a secure yet easily accessible way. It also encourages users to create conversion-boosting and interactive video content.


  • Support for YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo Pro videos
  • A lot of analytical metrics
  • A possibility to add a compelling CTA


It works as video storage only within an enterprise plan ($199 per month)

✓Price: $199 per month
✓Suitable for: businesses aimed at creating engaging, interactive, and lead-generating video content

7. Kaltura


Kaltura is an open-source video platform provider whose goal is to offer you a solution like a “YouTube you can control”. It provides advanced tools for communication and collaboration, eLearning, and video content management.


  • Easy integration with existing workflows
  • Top-notch security
  • Valuable metrics to evaluate ROI
  • Friendly support team


There is no way to immediately find out the pricing and plans

✓Price: free trial available, price by request.
✓Suitable for: businesses using videos for a wide range of activities in addition to marketing

8. Wix Video

Wix video

Wix Video is the app created by the developers of Wix online website builders, so it makes sense to use it only if your website is created on Wix. However, the features inside are quite awesome.


  • Seamless sharing of your video content from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Dailymotion
  • Video galleries that can be customized
  • Mobile optimization

Slow-to-respond support team

✓Price: free, or from $21 per month
✓Suitable for: businesses whose website is created with Wix only

9. Cincopa


Cincopa is a software for managing and storing video products, images, galleries, and podcasts. Because of its flexible functionality and a life-time plan, it can be used by businesses from different industries and different sizes.


  • Awesome templates for showcasing images and galleries
  • DIY features for video channel creation
  • Actionable analytical insights


Each plan has non-flexible limits in file size

✓Price: $9-350 per month
✓Suitable for: businesses looking for a solution for all media-related needs

10. Dtube


Dtube is a decentralized, blockchain-based video platform with low censorship and an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency with the help of your videos.


  • The highest level of security and protection
  • The ability to monetize your videos
  • YouTube similar interface
  • Free speech support
  • No recommendation algorithm


Dtube is not exactly popular – it has only about 400k monthly visits so far
Some businesses don’t like the idea of using a decentralized platform

✓Price: free, allows earning cryptos
✓Suitable for: businesses looking for a decentralized solution with almost no censorship

11. DailyMotion


Users speak of DailyMotion as YouTube’s dark competitor. There are fewer users and less content, however its quality compensates for the quantity.


  • Most of the videos uploaded are of the highest quality. They are engaging and match specific users’ needs
  • There are some opportunities for community building
  • There are settings for making a video private and password-protected


There are restrictions for video quantity and length
There are only basic analytical features
There are fewer users compared to YouTube (but they are pickier regarding content consumed)
There are embedded video ads

✓Price: free, but with restrictions of video quantity and length
✓Suitable for: businesses looking to host their videos amidst other high-quality content

12. Tik Tok


TikTok is a Chinese video platform for sharing short musical, creative, and funny vertical videos.


  • Very trendy and adored by the younger generation
  • There is a less competitive environment – most businesses are still focused on YouTube and other “old” social media
  • This is a good place for sharing engaging and less sales-focused content
  • TikTok is suitable for marketing your brand to Chinese and Indian markets


  • TikTok’s advertising opportunities are quite expensive
  • This app is currently suitable for reaching 16-24-year-old users exclusively
  • There are a lot of censorship issues – your video may be deleted without explanation; there is almost no customer service on this platform

✓Price: free to use, from $10 per impression. The total cost of an ad campaign may reach $50,000 per day
✓Suitable for: brands targeting Gen Z and ready to spend solid budgets on advertising

13. IGTV


IGTV is an additional Instagram feature that allows users to create, share, and host branded and personal videos for free up to 60 min length.


  • IGTV is great at boosting brand recognition and providing users with immersive impressions
  • Integrated with Facebook
  • You can strengthen your social media marketing with the help of IGTV videos


  • No monetization opportunities
  • No keyword-based search

Vertical videos perform better than horizontal ones on this platform

✓Price: free
✓Suitable for: brands focusing on vertical videos and Instagram promotion

14. Brightcove


Brightcove is an enterprise-level solution that provides a set of services for video marketing, virtual events planning, and boosting shopping experience.


  • The innovative and cloud-based solution is perfectly suited for retail
  • There is a smart content management system inside and a lot of automated marketing integrations
  • Users’ reviews are almost perfect


Coding skills are required to integrate the platform with your business

✓Price: There are flexible plans with a customized set of features, but a specific quote must be requested
✓Suitable for: brands looking for ways to use videos at each stage of the sales funnel

15. Facebook


Taking into account the growing popularity of video, Facebook simply couldn’t stand by and watch it pass. Of course, Facebook cannot be considered a full-fledged video host, but it has enough functionality to implement a video marketing strategy within the network.


  • Facebook videos are optimized to be watched from mobile devices
  • There is a live streaming feature
  • Facebook is going to become a video-centric platform in the near future
  • There is an opportunity to watch videos in HD
  • Videos are easy to share with other Facebook users


  • There are embedded ads and limitations on video length
  • Facebook videos are not visible in Google search results

✓Price: free
✓Suitable for: businesses focused on Facebook promotion

What Is the Best Alternative to YouTube?

For targeting a specific audience

  • TikTok
  • IGTV
  • Facebook
  • Daily Motion
  • Wix Video (suitable for Wix-powered websites only)
  • Dtube

For Marketing & Sales

  • Dacast
  • Vidyard
  • Viewbix
  • Cincopa
  • Brightcove
  • Kaltura

Affordable Business Solutions

  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • Sprout Video


As you can see, each platform we’ve listed above corresponds to a specific use-case, target audience, marketing strategy, and budget. That’s why the best alternative to YouTube is the one that matches your business needs, your audience’s expectations, and the video marketing strategy milestones you want to hit.

At Yans Media, we can help you develop your video marketing strategy from scratch, while creating top-notch video content for your business – and suggesting the best places to host your videos securely. Get in touch today for a free consultation to uncover even more video marketing insights you can use!

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