Custom Animated Video:

Price Guide & Production Break Down

I was watching a digital ad this morning and I was hit by a huge realization. This entire digital marketing field didn’t even exist a decade ago.

The iPhone pretty much launched digital media into the stratosphere, but it’s only been around since 2007. It paved the way for smartphones to become a global force, and that in turn paved the way to allow full video to be accessible by anyone with one in their pocket. And if you think video is big now, just give it a couple years.


Illustration by Javier Ibañez


Currently, video marketing is already necessary and custom animated video is a new must in every marketing plan.

Here are some highlights that drive this fact home:

•By 2019, video is projected to claim 90% of all web traffic.
•Adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates up to 300%.
•YouTube states video consumption is doubling each year.
•And, a whopping 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions!

The statistics numbers speak for themselves – video is not just huge, it’s essential for marketing your business, product, or service.

Having a custom animated video is now in the same realm as having a good logo or slogan.


What Exactly Is A Custom Animated Video?

The short answer is, it’s a piece of animated digital marketing that delivers a message and captures the spirit of your brand. An even shorter answer is, it’s basically a commercial. But it’s much better than a traditional commercial.

Gone are the days where you’re paying big money to make a video ad exactly 30 seconds long and then using a shotgun approach, hoping that you hit enough of a target audience during a television program to make an impact.



With digital media, you can create a production as short as a second and as long as you’d like, though there are definitely sweet spots for time (for an animated video commercial, we recommend thirty seconds to two minutes, depending on your message and goal).

One of the best things about sharing your message with digital media is the ability to market directly to any specific target audience you’d like.

It’s truly the golden age for businesses of any size wanting to market to specific potential customers. If you’ve ever played around with Google Adwords or Facebook marketing, you know exactly what I mean.

If you want to market only to single fathers whose kids love just one specific monster in Pokemon, you can actually do that. Amazing.

Another great aspect of an animated marketing video is the cost.

Of course, live-action media works well, but when it comes to cost, there’s no comparison.

All other things being equal (length, quality, audio, etc.), you’re looking at costs ten to thirty times higher for a live video vs. one that is animated.

You’ve got cast, crew, locations, food, equipment and more to consider; none of which are cheap (at least, not if you’re doing it right!).

With a custom animated video, your brand message is conveyed to your target audience with a video crafted for your business in the most cost-effective way possible. At least, until artificial intelligence takes over and our computers start demanding their own trailers!

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Custom Animated Video?

Ah, yes. The question everyone wants to know the answer to!

How much is this gonna set me back.?

Well, there’s no secret, no mysterious high number that we won’t admit until you’re stuck in a sales funnel.

Prices vary based on levels of customization, of course, but plan on spending $2000 USD per thirty seconds of great quality custom video.


We have clients with diverse needs, and we are happy to work with them to reach their goals. We can create a video with higher levels of production and have a highly talented team that can make it all happen.

Whether you’re looking for great 2D animation, motion graphics, or more complex design such as 3D graphics, reach out to us now for a free consultation!


I See Ads For Low-Cost Video Templates. Should I Just Do That?

In a word – NO. Here’s why.

While technology has given us all the ability to do things that were never before possible, what it doesn’t offer is the decades of combined experience that a professional company can give you.

At Yans, we’ve made hundreds of videos for clients, and we know what works. We know how to structure a script to appeal to emotions, how to create visuals that hook viewers in and make them want to see what happens next, how to build to a climax that stirs your target audience to take action. And we know how to put it all together effectively.

Another big part of what keeps services like online creator platforms from working is that they are the opposite of custom.

No matter how many options you may have, you’re still just working from templates that every other customer of theirs has access to.



And, sorry to say, but nothing screams cheap like paying for a video that can’t possibly capture the message of your brand because it’s cobbled together from a library of random stock images and video clips.

When you work with Yans, you’re getting 100% original design each and every time. When we say custom animated video, we mean it!

How Custom Animated Videos Are Created

At YANS Media, you get a dedicated team working together to create your video.

All our designs, art, and animations are 100% original and created from scratch for every client we take on, no matter the size of the production, whether it’s for a small business or a corporate animated video.


So then, what exactly will you be getting for your investment?

Let’s break down the production flow of Laclary video.


1. Discovery

– This is our onboarding process. We learn everything we can about your business, company, service, brand, etc. You’ll be asked to fill out in in-depth questionnaire that covers everything; from your company’s message to your marketing goals to your target audience to the emotions, you want to elicit with your video.

Brief form is consist of 20 questions



– Once we have a clear idea of who you are and what you want to accomplish with your video, we get to work on your script. The script is the backbone of any video – it leads the direction, charges emotions, and creates the environment your animated video will exist in. We love it when we nail the script on the first draft. But, sometimes tweaking is required. That’s why we always include at least one revision (additional revisions available with bigger packages).


– Although the script technically is created first, it is always written with at least an idea of the visuals in mind. Oftentimes, however, the storyboard is being conceptualized in sync with the script. Does this metaphor work with the chosen visual style? Will that line make sense when brought to life visually? What are viewers seeing while these words are being spoken? Both script and storyboard must work together in harmony for your brand message.


4. Style Frames & Illustrations

– During discovery, one of our goals is to work with you to decide on a visual style. References often help with this, whether they come from previous work of ours, videos you may have seen from other brands, or elsewhere. This is the stage where you get to first see how what we discussed begins to look. While the style will only be static frames you’ll still be seeing the design start to flesh out.

5. Voice Over

– While one team is working on visuals, another is working on audio. We have a roster of highly talented voice artists that we work with. We only work with the best, and they continue to amaze us with the incredible ways they bring scripts to life. Additionally, we also hand select and edit a music track to add emphasis to the audio.


6. Animation

– This is the magical part – the part of the process where you get to see your business video come together. Depending on the length, we may deliver your entire video at this stage, or a segment by segment. And again, we like to think we get it 100% on the mark the first time every time, but just in case we don’t, we build in the opportunity to make some adjustments if necessary!

7. Finalization

– The most exciting stage, the stage where your marketing video is ready to be released into the wild!


My Video Is Finished And Looks Great. Now, What?

Your animated company video can be used for basically anything you’d like!

Sometimes we create videos that our clients want to use for a specific purpose, like trade shows, presentations, or an explainer video for a crowdfunding campaign.

Sometimes the goal is to use the video for multiple purposes; for example, a well made custom explainer video works across the board for potential investors, potential customers, landing pages, and more.

How Markeitng Video Can Be Used

 Product home page

 Landing pages

● Shareholder presentations

 ICO launches

● Trade shows

● Remarketing campaigns

● Business social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, MySpace… just kidding on that last one)

● Facebook and Google Ad marketing

● Crowdfunding campaigns

What About Freelancers. Can I Use Them?

Freelancers are great. We love working with them from time to time, and many are talented and experienced. That said, you’ll never find freelancers to create your video in a way that will work better than working with a professional team.

Here’s why.

When you work with Yans to create a custom animated video, you’re getting the experience, skills, and dedication of no less than five people – all experts in their own fields. Our scriptwriters work full time doing that and only that.

Same goes for our artists and designers.

 Even our voice talents are among the best in the world at what they do and had to audition to get to where they are now. And all of it comes together under the leadership of the creative director who makes sure every piece of the puzzle is in place to create a successful finalized video.

It’s a whole team, working together to make you the best video as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Now, of course, you could find a half dozen freelancers to work together and create a wonderful video for you. But they won’t have the team synergy, which will make the process take much longer. And, most importantly, you’ll be paying freelancer fees, which are going to end up costing you 2 -3 times more than if you work with a professional team that works together under one roof.



Hopefully, this post answers a lot of your questions about creating a custom animated video.

At the very least, even if you don’t end up working with us specifically, we hope that you come away with a greater understanding of why video marketing is so important. It’s not just the present, it’s the future as well, and if you haven’t jumped on board yet, there shouldn’t be any question of whether or not you should. Like they say, the best time to start something is right now!

We’re currently accepting new clients, and we’re always happy to chat with you about your business needs. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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