How To Create an Introduction Video Script

When it comes to creating a strong introduction video script, there are several keys that separate success from failure. Read on to learn all about them.

How To Create an Introduction Video Script

While there are multiple ways to create an intro video script that works, the winning formulas all share things in common.

Why a Script Is So Important

The introduction video script is one of the most important parts of creating a successful marketing message. It's the foundational starting point of your video that will determine whether your video will succeed or fail.

In other words, the script is the base of your building. It should support everything else with the most pertinent information written engagingly to create a strong message. Many companies fail at this stage, so I'm going to give you the best advice to help you build a strong introduction story. Keep reading this blog, and by the time you finish it you'll have a comprehensive grasp of introduction video script writing.

How To Write A Great Introduction Video Script

A great introduction video always takes time and work. There are no shortcuts.
Even professional scriptwriters often don't get it right on the first try, so you should be patient. One of my first bits of advice to you is to be self-critical - never allow yourself to fall in love with what you’ve created on the first try. We often are blinded when promoting our own ideas or businesses and forget that what people want to hear doesn’t always align with what we think they want to hear. Many scripts written by business owners fail because they just write about all the “great things” a product can do. People don’t care about that. What they care about is hearing you recognize a problem they have and offering a relevant solution.

So try to experiment. This is a crucial moment; you should be prepared to create more than a dozen different scripts! Ask several people who you think are competent enough to criticize you constructively to read the content, and share what they honestly think about it. What they like and what they don't like, what gets them excited, what makes them lose interest, etc.

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Finding A Unique Angle

I’m sure by the time you've started writing an intro video script, you’ve already explored and studied The Best Introduction Video Examples. From my perspective, this is the first thing you should do before you start. Understanding the basics of writing an intro video script is key, as it will help you learn how you can introduce a concept using alternate approaches.

Learning from others will also help you to find a unique angle for your introduction video script. That's crucial to create content that will make the viewer interested and motivated to take action with your company or product. To find that special angle, you'll have to arm yourself with patience and rethink and polish all your previous drafts. But I promise you, if you put that work in you’ll end up with a script that works.

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Write Visually

Pondering what to write, you should also always remember that you're creating a script that in the end will be turned into a visual story. This means that you can also show instead of tell. A great benefit to this is that it saves time as well. For example, let’s say you’ve got an app that stores all your payment info. Instead of verbally listing all credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, gift cards, etc., you can simply show a visual of all of them at the same time.

Identify Who You Are Telling Your Story To
Identifying your target audience is important. It focuses your ideas to help you understand how to design your message and choose the right tone and verbiage to address that demographic.

For example, if you're creating an introduction video for medical equipment that’s intended for physicians, then you're free to use technical words that you know they are all fluent in. But if this product video is also intended for people who don't have a medical education, then you have to make sure you’re writing in layman’s terms.

Check the Length

For an introduction video, it's optimal to fit your message in between 15 seconds and 3 minutes. Generally, though, 60 - 90 seconds is the sweet spot. Going longer can cause the viewer to lose attention and get bored. To get a feel for how long your voice-over script is, you can search for free online voice-over speed calculators, or simply estimate 130 - 150 words per minute.

The Structure

To understand the structure of an introduction video script, we're going to break it into three different categories
1. Company Introduction Video Script
2. Product Introduction Video Script
3. App Introduction Video Script

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Company Introduction Video Script

A company intro video is very different from the other types of videos. In creating an intro script for a company the most important things you should focus on are:
- Values
- Traditions
- Mission

Take a moment to review these three points, then choose one that will best describe your company and create a strong story with only one of these fundamentals. Focus is key.

Product Introduction Video Script

For a product introduction video script, answering the following questions should help you clarify the strongest selling point of your product, and the points that are best to make throughout your script.  
- What makes your product special?
- What makes it valuable for your clients?
- What problems does it solve?
- Are there are any special circumstances for using your product?
- Who will be watching the video?
- What are the goals you would like to achieve with your video?

Remember that you don't have to cover all these questions with your video. These are the primary questions that will allow you to understand which way to go and the best points to convey with your story.

App Introduction Video Script

The main factor that separates an app introduction video from a product intro is that for apps, an introduction video should mostly cover the following:
- Outlining what the app does
- App benefits
- A strong call to action

Remember that in creating an app intro script it's important to not get caught up in describing every single detail. Instead, create a story that takes the viewer on a journey that covers the points mentioned above.

Final Words

If I had to leave you with only one single thing to remember when creating an introduction video script, it’s this - remember that it’s not about bragging about how great your business or product is. It’s always, always, always about aligning with a customer’s pain points and offering them a solution. If you’d like to learn more about how to create a successful intro video script, contact out strategists any time for a free consultation.

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