25 Awesome 2d Animated Business Video Examples

We handpicked 25 Awesome 2d animated business video examples created by awesome animation studios from around the world.

25 Awesome 2d Animated Business Video Examples

So why 2d animation?

Because it is always fun, engaging and cost-effective. Animated explainer video will entertain and educate the audience at the same time.

It’s not only the knowledge of the brand, products, or services that associate your company with your consumers.

It’s also the personality and attitude of the brand that people will convey to others after watching your video.

If you want to know what a successful video looks like, here are 25 awesome examples.

2d Animated Business Video Examples

1. Hive

For new businesses that provide different software solutions, success can depend on how you explain your solutions to your potential audience. The Hive video is a perfect example of a business that successfully uses 2D animation to explain while creating interest around their business.  

Another lesson to learn from this video is how to integrate the branding of the business into the videos. The producers used the original characters and color palette of the Hive platform to develop a saturated and eye-catching 2D animated video.  With the bright and bold colors and animation, this video captivates any viewer who watches it.  

Yans Media ( explainer video company) made the stunning 2D motion graphics video. Taking into account the art and assets of the brand, they nailed the fun, educative, and informative 2D animation video for potential new customers.


2. MailChimp - Introducing Facebook Ads

When it comes to creating a startup video, there is no better video marketing tool than a 2D animated explainer video.

Certainly, everybody knows about MailChimp and Facebook. So the purpose of the 2D explainer video has little to do with introducing those companies to new customers. Instead, they focused on new features and functions of the latest product.

The result is an amazingly designed animated video. I must give credit to the MailChimp marketing team, as they were great partners and their branding is designed marvelously.

3. Airbnb – Love

Airbnb has had enormous success around the world. Travelers and tourists use the app and services to book accommodations when they are traveling overseas and locally. The company wanted to spread the positive message to engage with their new and returning clients. There are three inspiring stories about real-life heros. In the video, they are called “hosts” because, in real life, they are the owners of the accommodation.

The animation video production team uses warm 2D human figures to describe the objects, with hip animation and a fitting soundtrack selection. The voiceover is also top-notch here.

4. Slack – Work, Simplified

Slack is a comprehensive service for messaging, tools, files, and collaboration in one place that brings communication together. In this awesome 2D animated video, the character animation shows the overwhelming tasks done by a man and how with Slack, everything is simplified.

The animation studio has made an interesting decision about the framerate choice that works. The character animation also works perfectly. Not to mention, this compelling commercial video does not use voiceover to explain how it works. Just by watching the video, the audience can grasp all the information because of how well it’s been executed.

5. Deloitte – Future of mobility

DELOITTE: Future of Mobility is an app for mobility managers, payment providers and city planners that will make the users’ life much more comfortable on a daily basis. The app itself makes suggestions for how the user can commute with the most quality experience.

This is one of our favorite 2D animated examples. The environment is created in 2D & 2.5D but what you see is a 3D space style. The 2D and 3D transitions are very smooth and comprehensive. This animated video conveys a futuristic lifestyle that everyone hopes for. Besides the stunning shifts, the voice work is also top-notch. It provides two voiceovers: 1) male voiceover for the animated character in the video, 2) female voiceover for the narrative.

6. Time2Match

Time2Match is a breakthrough service for non-pro sports players. This service helps organizers to coordinate competitions for not profesional players. Users have the freedom to manage game schedules, statistics, ranks, and other features. This new system is explained in the animated video.At Yans we enjoy watching this 2D animated video. It has a timelessness to it — it will look refreshing and beautiful even in a decade, inspiring new audiences even then.

7. McDonald’s – Drive-Thru Car Free Day

Who doesn’t know McDonald’s? One of the largest food chains in the world promoted the World Car-Free Day celebration that happens on September 22. McDonalds Brazil invited customers to use their Drive-Thru without a car. So, whatever transportation you choose: Giant elephant, giant turtle (?), dinosaur, bike, or anything else, you are welcome to come on thru.

The fact that even mega multinational organizations use 2D animation for their video marketing needs is a true statement to its effectiveness. Of course, Le Cube’s creative team has done a marvelous job with a piece of inspiring work that other animation houses can appreciate and use as an example.

8. Microsoft Advantage

“Data is the future, and it’s here.” That’s the captivating tagline that the animation company highlights in this video. The video gives us a snippet of what the Agency IDG did for their campaign with Microsoft.

Microsoft is a huge brand with a lot of historical impact. So, it is expected that this 2D animated video also has to make a significant impact on viewers. Using fantastic character animation and immersive environments, the video conveys the personality and true advantages of Microsoft.


9. Google Cloud – Navigating AI

Have you heard “A picture is worth a thousand words?” It’s a popular English idiom which still works for these days; maybe even more so. It’s also pretty much the most accurate message we can take from this 2D animated video.

Without voiceover, the production team relies only on the 2D motion graphics style to educate and entertain the audiences. With a video under one minute, viewers can still learn the key ideas about how the Google Cloud platform works. The goal is to simplify the phrases and words with stunning designs and illustrations.

10. Miinto Explainer Video

Miinto is an online shopping platform that allows physical boutiques to find customers online in a much easier way. Miinto gathers hundreds to thousands of physical boutiques in one place to make it exponentially easier for businesses and customers to sell and buy.

This is a classic example of how 2D animation video explains a company and show how it works in just one minute. We would recommend all the boutiques out there who are planning to be active online to create a stylish animated explainer like this one.

11. Price & Cost – 2D animated company video

Price & Cost is an online tool to help its users to have perfect estimations of all project-based businesses. The users will be able to control their budgets, costs, and possibilities, as well as the different scenarios involved in their business. The video explains the features and perks of the tool.

The style and motion graphics production of Illo is incredible. They always create fresh and colorful motion pictures – no matter if it’s UI or a 2D animated video. Look how engaging this video is; characters, fun art, as well as cool music captivate the attention of any audience. The design studio has done a great job in its circular interfaces and detail on the graph-chart. It is not something that can be achieved by an amateur video explainer team.

12. Tempo – Blockchain company 2d animated explainer

Tempo is a platform that allows people to implement the exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies a lot easier and faster. They use the blockchain company introduction 2d animation video to introduce the brand and platform to the world.

2d motion graphics animation works well with the Tempo art and assets. The short duration video is filled with wonderful animated characters and objects. This video has shown that an explainer video can raise the interest level while still offering audiovisual entertainment for viewers.

13. Etsy Plus

A great use of 2D animation introducing the latest service from Etsy — Etsy Plus. The service enhances the selling experience of its users and improves their sales significantly.
The video explains the points of features with stunning designs. Each transition is smoothly executed with a lot of textures. The animated objects and characters are done well by the animation studio. The great voiceover keeps the audiences on track. Not least is that the video also has a great selection of music for the soundtrack.

14. Uber

The title of this 2D animation video is Uber Digital Rider ‘Snooze’. The video tells the story of a guy who is waking up in the early dawn. There’s a cat that interacts with the guy, making the video more fun to watch. It is clean and smoothly animated video explainer. With the 2D motion graphics, the video creator keeps the content simple and straightforward.

There is no complex element so audiences won’t be distracted when watching the video. It’s a simple piece that works the way simple videos should. The cat is also a fantastic and out-of-the-box idea.

15. LittleFund – 2d animated video

LittleFund is a platform which helps parents to save funds for future gifts for their children. It also helps them to save for future goals and control the budget. The platform allows family and friends to also contribute to the users’ kids’ goals and dreams.

The 2D animation studio has used the brand assets from the LittleFund website to make excellent video content and fit the branding of the company. The style of the video is light, clean, and refreshing. The captivating sound effects immerse audiences, pulling them in. The script was well-written so that the storytelling would catch the attention of the viewers.

16. Doctors in Italy – 2d startup video

Doctors in Italy arrives as the solution for the tourists and travelers who visit Italy and need medical help. The platform helps users find an English-speaking doctor while in Italy. The video targets Italian doctors to sign up.

The objective of this 2D animated video is to invite the English-speaking physicians in Italy to join “Doctors in Italy.” The explainer video team made great illustrations to get the message across. Also, 2D motion graphics always works to entertain and educate viewers in a short time frame. Message first, brand later. This video does not introduce the startup at the beginning of the video. Instead, the brand is revealed as the solution to the problem.

17. TraQtion

TraQtion is a cloud-based management solution for manufacturing companies. Users can monitor and manage compliance for suppliers, products, and sites through the TraQtion platform. Users can also communicate with the suppliers and distribute updated information from them.

I don’t know any motion design animator who has not seen this video. This is an amazing example of how to explain the features and how the platform works by using 2D animation. In the smooth transitions, the viewers grasp all the information needed to understand the brand and its services. It is an excellent example of 2D animated explainer with nice character animations.

18. Swiss Fin Lab

In this video, Swiss Fin Lab introduces their service ZOA. It’s protection for personal data and is compliant to the EU’s new GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation. The platform is made for the companies who want to meet the GDPR. Not to mention ZOA gives the individual freedom to control their data stored with companies, institutions, and organizations.

The work of this 2D animated video is inspiring with its 2D motion graphics and high-profile video editing. The excellent voice-over artist also did a great job to keep the viewer interested.

19. Audius – Blockchain Animated Video

Audius is a vast decentralized network for musicians, artists, and music enthusiasts. The decentralized platform allows creative users to put their assets on the Audius network and earn from the platform. Audius is new for some folks which is why this 2D animated video shows the details in a fun and engaging way. The choice of animated characters conveys the modern music genres and uses color for the DJs, guitarists, vocalists, and so on. The beautiful transitions are also a great part of this video.

20. Torrebio

Torrebio is a decentralized network that enables its users to build and utilize a professional reputation across the web. Those who have been using endorsements and other associated features in LinkedIn should be familiar with the Torrebio system.

However, this 2D animation video introduces solutions that Torrebio can offer that other platforms can’t. The explainer video team was creative and smart in building such engaging content; choice of music, art, motions, environments in the video, special effect elements, as well as the script interpretation — it all works. Everything is astonishing.

21. Amazon Smart Home

Amazon has been staying on top of things, and that includes life improvement. Amazon Smart Home is a system which can make the users’ home smarter. Smart Home can access the household appliances and system as a part of the IoT. There’s a chance that only a few people already know about the Smart Home system; that’s why Amazon wants to educate new users through this short video. Using Amazon Smart Home assets in this 2D animated video, the narrator makes the material stunning and immersive. I’m sure any audience is captivated, enjoying every second of this amazing video.

22. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a sophisticated social management platform. It allows users to integrate social network sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, as well as LinkedIn in one place. Also, there are cats everywhere. It does seem that the latest 2D animated video trend is quirky mascots or animated characters (as we mentioned in the Uber’s video at no. 14 example). Of course, these additions give humor and personality to the video. No one can resist this fabulous video; the colors and designs are fun to watch.

23. Beam Wallet

Beam Wallet is the leading mobile wallet app in the UAE. Now the Beam Wallet team wants to spread the word around the world. With the help of this 2D animated video, Beam Wallet describes the app perks and features to new users. All the elements and assets taken from the Beam Wallet brand make this video work so well. It has crisp sounds as well as breathtaking visual presentations. Those who are already aware of the improvement of mobile wallet will be interested in Beam Wallet through this 2D video.

24. PatientMD

PatientMD is a platform that helps patients to consult with their doctors any time, anywhere they want. In case the patients are overseas, they will have the freedom to make an appointment with the doctor of their choice at a specific time through their phone, PC, or laptop. The video takes into account the problems and provides solutions for the current world health issues.

The messages are delivered straightforward with the help of 2D animation so that and the audience can grasp the entire concept of the PatientMD platform without having to read boring text or lifeless presentations.

25. Surge

Surge is a platform made for publishers. By using this app, publishers can adjust their ad campaign strategies, demonstrate different scenarios and risks, research, and more through one platform. For this system, text can be bothersome for busy people. That’s why Surge team decided to make a 2D animated explainer. And as you can see, the animation studio did a great job of explaining the features and how the service works.


The best outcome of a 2D animated video is not increased traffic, but recognition of the brand. Video should impart the attitude and personality of the brand to a target audience. So, whenever that viewer needs something relevant, they’ll recall the brand and its services.

No matter if you’re going to use B2B or B2C marketing, video is your bridge that connects you and your audience. When that connection is built, you’ll be one step ahead, waiting on the other side to make sales and improve ROI. Indeed, animated videos do convert!

The successful video is one with a quirky hook, an impactful message, and imprints your brand to your audience. So, don’t be afraid to be different from the others.

Think creatively and let the video do the magic for you.

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