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Tempo arrives as the solution for those who have limitations and problems in exchanging crypto to/from fiat currencies. Tempo offers an easy way to make the exchange faster anywhere, anytime its users want. A system like this is new for most crypto users around the world. A practical introduction should be available to educate and deliver the message to the audience. Our blockchain company introduction video is the best tool for introducing Tempo to the world.

Tempo marketing vidoe

The Challenge // Describing Tempo In A Minute Explainer Video

Tempo approached us to discuss the creation of a Blockchain company video to describe how Tempo can provide a secure and fast bridge between cash and crypto. As we know, a big challenge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world is to convert the crypto assets to a fiat currency. Now, with the Tempo platform, the difficulty is gone.
Tempo must overcome the blind challenge that the users experience. They don’t know how the platform works, the benefits, and how it can solve their current problems. The bright and straightforward Blockchain introduction video will be the best tool to educate them.

Along with security, Tempo brings stability to the crypto world with the EURT, a new stable coin pegged to the EURO, 1 to 1, and backed by onhand cash.

The Solution // Blockchain Company Introduction Video

There is a comprehensive strategy in an animated explainer video proposed by Yans Media. It is short, packs a lot of info, and designed to get audience engagement. To make it work, it has to stand out.

First things first, Yans Media would ensure alignment of their excellent concept to the video. For instance, the style of animation is 2D motion graphics built around the Tempo arts and assets.

Then, the choice of script is a significant step to building a fantastic Blockchain company introduction video. Since mobile users are going to be viewers too, the short-duration Blockchain company introduction video will need a lean, tight, and snappy script. The voiceover for the video has been carefully selected too.

The rule is simple. If Tempo needs its audience to remember its message, we’d like to keep it as short as we can. We can delve into the  critical and relevant details, highlighting the solution for the current problem, and put the call-to-action at the end of the video. All of that can be presented in one-minute sharp. As we mentioned, simplicity does matter. So, when it comes to the video structure, we kept the Tempo animated video structure as simple as this:

– Problems
– Solutions
– Functions
– Action

Instead of hitting too many features, the Blockchain company introduction video introduces solutions to the major problems and focuses on the benefits of having the Tempo platform.

Tempo explainer video

Tempo Ico Video

ICO video is telling about how Tempo’s token gives discounts on cash in or cash out through their worldwide payment network, and discounts on trading in their SDEX backed crypto exchange.
Token holders also qualify for a free Stellar debit card, and significant token holders may burn their coins in exchange for Tempo shares, limiting the number of tokens in circulation.


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

Vertical(s):  Blockchain

Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

Story Board&Illustration: Anet Hovhannisyan, Gayane Hakobian

Motion Graphics: Gevorg Vardanyan, Hakob Gepenyan

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