Mobile Video Statistics

Our list of mobile video statistics for 2022 -must-know important facts, numbers for marketers.

Mobile Video Statistics
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Looking for a proven way of reaching a modern target audience? Make your priority mobile users! Of course, you still need to carefully segment all your potential customers, but mobile users can be a good starting point. Recent studies prove that people like to use their mobile devices to stay in touch with brands, receive branded content, watch mobile videos, and most importantly shop using smartphones!

The following is evidence that the use of mobile optimized video in your marketing strategies has every chance of becoming your trump card.

Global Mobile Usage and Video Viewing Facts

time adults spent on mobile phones

Video viewing and smartphone usage originated as separate trends, but now they have merged into a strong user behavior pattern. These figures confirm it.

  • There will be 205 million smartphone video viewers in the US by 2022.
  • Every year, mobile video consumption doubles.
  • 4.18 billion people (more than half of the global population) are mobile internet users according to Hootsuite research for 2020.
  • 57% (or as much as 75% according to other sources) of global video is played using mobile devices.
  • On average, adult American users spend 30 minutes per day watching videos via mobile.
  • Users worldwide are 1.5 times likely to watch your video ad using their smartphones.
  • 92% of videos watched via mobiles are shared with other users.

Vertical Videos For Mobile Statistics

vertical video statistics

Vertical videos are another hot trend, and the reason is obvious – users like to watch videos on their smartphones but don’t like to turn the device horizontally. Here’s the data to back that up.

  • Only 30% of users turn their devices sideways to watch a video ad. When they do, they only watch 14% of your video. That means the 70% of those who remained don’t finish, or just skip the ad.
  • 57% of mobile-recorded videos are vertical clips.
  • Users view up to 90% of vertical video ads, but only 14% for horizontal ones.

Social Media Usage Via Mobile Statistics

Social media is inseparable from mobile devices and the video content that users love.

  • In 90% of cases, Twitter users watch videos using their smartphones.
  • Video is the most loved form of content that users want to receive from brands via social media.
  • 80% of all social media users use the platforms via their mobile devices; 61% of which are smartphones.
  • 57% of marketers use live videos in their strategies, and 34% are actively sharing in-the-moment videos on Facebook.

Hint! These are great figures to take into account while planning your social media video ads campaign. You should strongly consider utilizing vertical videos. If you need more convincing, we recently shared vertical video statistics to reinforce that this is a current and effective approach, so feel free to check that too.

Mobile Video Marketing and Spending Statistics

mobile video

Video is a powerful marketing tool all on its own. But when you take mobile viewership into account, the chances of reaching the right audience grow exponentially.

  • 87% of marketers worldwide are using video as a part of their marketing strategies, and 88% of them are satisfied with the ROI.
  • 81% of marketers are betting on mobile views while optimizing their social media video ads campaigns.
  • As for US mobile video ad spending only, this figure was $16 billion in 2019, and it’s going to reach $25 billion in 2022.


When it comes to mobile video, marketers, experts, and business owners unanimously say that what we see now is only the beginning of a long journey. Video is already perceived as top quality content, and mobile devices are already the best means to receive it. But even under such excellent marketing conditions, a well-thought-out strategy and professional support will always help you stand out in the crowd. Yans Media is here to help you on your journey, so let’s get started!

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