Startups face myriad challenges, but perhaps the most daunting is overcoming initial skepticism. Making a powerful first impression is not just important; it's crucial. That's where the magic of a well-crafted video comes in.

A compelling video can speak volumes, breaking through the noise and presenting your startup in the best light possible, around the clock.

In this article, we've rounded up the 10 best video production companies for startups. These are the creative powerhouses that can help your startup not just get noticed, but truly stand out.

1. Yans Media

Since 2016, Yans Media has been a go-to ally for startups, playing a pivotal role in the growth journeys of brands like Solana, AdQuick, Dayta, Creattie and Cyclops, among others. What sets Yans apart isn't just their knack for explaining a company or product; they dive deeper, spotlighting what makes each client uniquely stand out from the competition.

From catchy explainer videos to eye-catching animated ads and sleek UI animations for your site, they do it all. Best part? Their services are budget-friendly. Yans offers cost-effective packages that are just right for startups looking to grow without overspending.




Taking a step up the budget ladder, let's journey to Europe and spotlight XPLAI, a standout explainer video company hailing from Ukraine.

XPLAI sets itself apart with its distinctive style and dynamic camera movements, offering startups a unique edge in the bustling animation production scene. Their creative team is adept at everything from motion graphics to explainer videos, all designed to captivate your audience.

With XPLAI's help, your video won't just catch the eye; it'll engage prospects and guide them forward in their journey with your brand.


$5000 +

3. Sandwich Video

While Sandwich Video might now be a stretch for startups due to its growth and corresponding budget requirements over the last eight years, its impact on startup marketing is undeniable.

Remember the first videos for Slack? Or Wistia's engaging content? That's all their handiwork. Sandwich Video's unique approach to creating live-action videos is simply captivating—once you start watching, it's hard to look away. Their work not only grabs attention but also sparks genuine interest in the products they showcase.

If your startup has recently secured significant funding and is looking to invest in top-notch marketing, consider giving Sandwich Video a shot. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.


$250 000 +

4. Vidico

Originally a small studio in Australia, Vidico has since expanded, now boasting offices across three countries. They've become a powerhouse in the video production world, boasting an impressive roster of clients including Vimeo, Airtable, and Spotify, to name just a few.

Vidico's secret sauce? Their knack for crafting a unique style and language that perfectly conveys your message to the right audience.

Whether you need a compelling testimonial, a striking brand video, or a persuasive crowdfunding campaign, Vidico delivers top-tier content for virtually any industry.


$5000 +

5. PAPATON Studio

Papaton stands as a true beacon of creativity in the video production landscape, a veritable volcano of originality. Their videos have uniquely styled characters, mesmerizing backgrounds, and dynamic motion design that captivate like a kaleidoscope.

Papaton creates explanations that are unique and enjoyable, avoiding the ordinary but not becoming strange.

For those with a budget in the $10-15K range, Papaton is a choice worth considering. And here's a little insider tip for startups who has not find their unique style: their stunning character creations can become a lasting asset for your brand. Imagine adopting these characters as the face of your brand, reusing them across various campaigns for consistent, impactful branding.


$10 000 - $15000

6. O0 Design

Navigating the startup journey often involves juggling various design needs, and working with multiple small studios can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. Delays, chaos, and missed deadlines are common frustrations. This is exactly where O0 Design comes into the picture, making it a noteworthy addition to our list.

If you're solely in search of a video production company, O0 Design might not be the top choice. But, for startups looking for a comprehensive solution that covers brand design, website or app development, and video production all in one package, O0 Design stands out.

They offer this full suite of services at an affordable price, making them a valuable partner for any startup aiming to streamline their design process without compromising quality.



7. Rocketpanda Studio

For startups at the intersection of gaming, NFTs, or any niche industry craving bold and imaginative designs, Rocketpanda Studio is your go-to. Their knack for blending vibrant colors with a touch of magic is nothing short of marvelous. It's also worth mentioning that Rocketpanda hails from Verona, Italy—a country with a rich heritage in design and innovation.

This background infuses their work with a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge creativity, making them a standout choice for projects that dare to dream big.



8. the unicorn

As its name playfully hints, the unicorn is all about empowering startups to soar. Originating from Ukraine, this creative collective extends its expertise beyond just video or animation production; they're also wizards in branding and identity.

When it comes to video production, The Unicorn is a stellar choice for startups. They're not tied down to any single style or direction. Instead, they pride themselves on their ability to innovate with every project, crafting something new and perfectly aligned with your target audience's expectations and your message.

With The Unicorn, your story isn't just told; it resonates.



9. ILLO Studio

Another great studio from Italy that could be the key to big success for your startup is Illo.

This small but mighty team from Turin is all about motion design, illustration, and art direction. They've got everything your startup needs to shine, from the early days to big enterprise levels.

What sets Illo apart? Their animations are more than just visuals; they're a vibrant expression of your brand's story, thanks to their unique style and exceptional play with colors and shapes. For a startup looking to stand out, Illo's creative flair is something you don't want to miss.

Budget range


10. Demo Duck

Demo Duck stands tall as one of the pioneering explainer video companies, having set its roots in 2011.

Based in Chicago, a hub for advertising creativity, they've helped countless companies, big and small, get their messages across. A glance at their portfolio reveals partnerships with giants like Netflix, Geico, and Cisco. But don't let these big names intimidate you; Demo Duck is equally passionate about elevating startups. They boast an impressive track record in this arena.

What makes Demo Duck truly special is their global talent pool. They collaborate with creatives from around the world to craft videos that are nothing short of magical.


$10 000 +

Final words

For startups around the world, we've highlighted top-notch video production companies suitable for any requirement, from single video projects to full-scale brand and web design support.

Unsure of where to start?

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our video expert to find the perfect fit for your startup's needs. With the right partner, your message will not only be heard but will make a lasting impact.

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