2D Animation Outsourcing Companies You Should Consider

Whether you’re looking to outsource part of your animated video or you need full production, here’s a list of companies you should consider.

2D Animation Outsourcing Companies You Should Consider

There are scores of 2D animation outsourcing companies out there, and there are plenty that are very good at what they do. But many have their own specialties. Some are more art-based. Some are better at short deadlines. Others are respected for their excellent communication. Here, we take a look at 10 great companies to consider for your animation needs, as well as what they are known for and how that can help you.

1. Yans Media

“We believe that videos can explain the most complex ideas and engage even the most passive audiences.”

Staying true to their motto, Yans Media creates content designed to catch even the most indifferent viewer’s attention. Gathered under one roof is a solid team of creatives who have produced more than 500 2D videos. They offer animation and video production fulfillment in every part of the process as well as fully designed animated videos. Yans also collaborates with different video production companies regularly and are described as a professional and reliable team for 2D animation outsourcing services.

If you’re seeking a professional team that can help you with your animation needs, Yans Media is a high quality outfit worth consulting.

2. Drasik Studio

Another one of my favorite 2D animation outsourcing companies is Drasik Studio, based in Barcelona. These guys from Drasik know how to play with different animation styles, as well as work on creating various types of multimedia content.

Design is one of elements that matter most for this studio, and they treat every new project as an opportunity to experiment with new styles and detailed illustration techniques.

“The quality is always more important than rushing” – this is their approach to every new project they take. So if your deadline isn’t too tight, consider collaborating with these guys for an animated video with great visual style.

3. Mighty Nice

Mighty Nice is a Sydney based animated video production company, co-founded by Nexus Productions from London. Mighty Nice offers 2D as well as 3D animation services. If you’re already familiar with the quality from the Nexus Productions team, you’ll see the same signature art and high-quality visual content.

Very much art-focused, their first short film “Potapych: The Bear Who Loved Vodka” won the BAFTA Scotland Award Back in 2007. It’s a beautiful fairy tale based on a true-life story with a happy ending. Well worth the watch!


If you’re looking for a small creative team with big skills in animation, motion graphics, and illustration, then MUSCLEBEAVER could be a great choice for you.

This is a small team of just two; Andreas Kronbeck and Tobias Knipf. They started their duet back in 2005 and since then have created many works that have been shown in numerous international festivals. I’ve picked one of their latest pieces as an example: a pharmaceutical company informational video about a rare disease called Cystinosis. It’s an effective explainer video that shows why affected children should take their medication regularly.

If you take look at the rest of their portfolio, you’ll see that they take an individual approach to every single project they take on and that’s what makes their visuals so special.

5. Nice Shit Studio

If you’re looking for companies or studios that offer not only 2D animation outsourcing services but also a chance to apply truly unique design and art concepts to your projects, then here’s a great option for you – Nice Shit Studio.

Nice Shit Studio says “Characters are definitely a big part of our work, they are the stars of the show.” The team from Nice Shit Studio spend most of their time creating bold yet minimal characters, planning every tiny element of their project with attention to detail. This is the secret for why the bar is set so high for their work.

As an example, I’ve picked their “Five new ways to greet people (in times of covid-19)” video. But if you want to see more (including how they can also play with only black and white), I encourage you to check out the rest of their portfolio. You’ll be amazed and inspired.

6. Wonderlust

I’d like to draw your attention to one of the most colorful video production companies that specializes in 2D motion design. Wonderlust hooked me with its unique signature of dynamic motion. Using colors that can’t be ignored along with simplicity, viewers become easily enamored with their content. This special style they’ve created has become a benchmark in their work and if you’d like to take the same colorful adventure with your projects, don’t hesitate to connect with them.

I’ve picked “The Chill” video to show as it demonstrates their love of utilizing different colors, as well as showing their skills in creating smooth animation.

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7. Odd Bleat

Another award-winning animation studio on my list for 2D animation outsourcing is Odd Bleat, an animation and motion design studio based in Greece. With their tight team, they’ve been crafting meaningful and creative stories since 2015. These guys work with clients from all over the world; Greece, England, Canada, Lebanon, New Zealand, and the Americas. Most of their content is promotional videos, but you can also see some amazing GIFs on their website as well. Revolut Animation Loops, created by the Odd Bleat team, shows off their expertise and skills in crafting 8 different episodes, all only 5 seconds long each.

8. Animwood

Studio Animwood offers a wide range of 2D animated videos like explainers, cartoons, short stories, and more. They also create 3D animated content and can handle your project from any stage of the production process. The creative team is a decent size and consists of 12 employees, so if you’re planning a bigger project then this 2D video production company could be a great solution for you.

As Animwood specializes mostly in 2D animated explainer videos, I’ve picked this explainer to show how they can create excellent marketing video content.

9. Hound Studio

My list closes with Hound Studio, who have been in the animation industry for more than a dozen years. Throughout that time they’ve worked with many, many clients and delivered top results.

They’ve been known as a cooperative, effective, and flexible team that always meets deadlines. If you take a look at the rest of their portfolio, I’m sure you’ll find some examples that parallel your own ideas on animation possibilities.

10. Prand

Prand is a Moscow based 2D animation company that only started in 2018. But the way they confidently work with different styles and moods makes a pretty strong case for their ability to produce great results and leaves no doubt to their professionalism and experience.

Enjoy one of the creative videos from Prand!

Final Thoughts

I hope this list gave you great ideas for companies that can help you get your animation needs taken care of. If you’ve got questions, have an animation project that you’d like to finish, or even want to develop one from scratch, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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