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Modul Trade is a fantastic online trading platform that allows users to trade with other users around the world through sophisticated blockchain technologies. The platform does not limit to the exclusive users. Anyone from micro to small to large enterprises can join for trading with each other.  Modul Trade is the bridge of blockchain technology and real-life trade transactions. That means there will be massive migration from the Fiat transactions to the cryptocurrencies and vice versa. To explain the system to the new users, Modul Trade was convinced that using the blockchain explainer video would be the best way to convert the traffic to the users of their platform. Here is where the Yans Media entered to help.

Modul Trade video
Modul Trade marketing video
factory illustration

The Challenge // Make The Audiences Understand What Modul Trade Is About

Modul Trade wants to give the audience’s knowledge about the ideas and innovation of the platform. The challenge is obvious. It is the job for the company to make the viewers comprehend the messages that they are trying to send. The company wanted us to create a blockchain company introduction video to introduce the solutions that have been faced by many businesses around the world. They will want to have the story theme planned and executed well to support their marketing campaign. Yans Media has the solution for it.

company structure scene

The Solution // The 2d Motion Graphics Styled Video

To succeed in the promotion endeavors, Yans Media and Modul Trade agreed that the best solution is to tell company and ICO  in one 90 sec animated explainer video. Short, straightforward to the point, and fun to watch. There are a few things that we’d like to focus on making such a great video.

For styling, we use 2D motion graphics style. We also wanted to make the smooth and enjoyable animated transitions so that the audiences will be captivated by the content of the video.

The story is interpreted by the visual elements in the explainer video, including the assets that we fetched from Modul Trade company. We used more interactive methods of conducting the Modul Trade promotion by using the captivating 2D motion graphics and creative animations. The short duration of the video is modern users friendly and compatible enough to be hosted in different platforms including the homepage of the website, social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), as well as favorite video hosting sites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). We believed that this video could go viral, get noticed, and bring back the enthusiastic users who need the platform.

Modul Trade company video


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

Vertical(s) Blockchain

Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

Story Board&Illustration: Angela Atinyan

Motion Graphics: Gevorg Vardanyan

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