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Dumagus brings new tech to traditional methods in an effort to bring tracking gym progress into the modern age.


Health fanatics and gym rats will be the first to tell you how important their routine is. It can be a tricky proposition to convince them that the way they are doing things should change, even if that change will make their results much better.


Instead of immediately suggesting a new product to viewers we know are reluctant to change, we focused on first warming them up and getting them engaged. Using quick visual humor, we break down the walls and establish friendliness and a non-threatening vibe. Then, we transition into a problem that many can relate to: having to interrupt their workout to log progress in an app or with a journal. At this juncture, they are primed and ready to hear a solution. We keep things moving at a quick pace and keep the tone light. It’s the perfect recipe when introducing brands to a customer base that doesn’t often like breaking with routine.


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