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Setting the Scene

In a dynamic collaboration with Quickframe agency, our animation team set out to revolutionize the visual storytelling for a series of videos. The goal was clear: to captivate audiences across TV and digital platforms.

Strategy: A Unified Visual Approach

Our team crafted a unique style and animation concept designed to resonate with viewers across various channels. Recognizing the diverse nature of media consumption, we developed content in all key dimensions - 16:9 for traditional screens, 9:16 for mobile-first experiences, and square formats for optimal social media engagement.

Execution: Versatility Across Platforms

The result was a versatile collection of animations tailored for each medium. From the living room TV screens to the compact digital displays of smartphones and social media platforms, our videos were designed to maintain consistent quality and impact.

Outcome: Massive Reach and Engagement

The success of our approach was evident in the numbers: over 20 million views on YouTube alone. But it wasn't just about views. We also experimented with various beginnings, or 'hooks', and calls to action to determine which versions most effectively drove conversions. This data-driven approach ensured that our content wasn't just seen – it engaged and converted.

Conclusion: A Story of Adaptive Creativity

This case study exemplifies the power of adaptive creativity in the world of multi-channel marketing. By understanding the nuances of each platform and tailoring our content accordingly, we've demonstrated that it's possible to not only reach but also engage and convert diverse audiences effectively.


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