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In the modern time, everyone wants to stay updated with the news and the latest information about what they like. The interests can be different, but they will have the same habit in fetching the data from the free sources. Amongst the mediums offered in the modern world, people are now turning to mobile apps to attain the latest information about what they like.

The news Apps from DU is an excellent example of the trend. The news app provides all the details and information like the trending stories, breaking news, and so on. All the users who want to get regular updates about Soccer, RAP, Football, Car and other information in Germany, can’t go wrong with DU. This app helps folks to enhance their social life at the present technology world. The apps work with iOS and Android OS. To gain the attention to the new users, Patrick (creative director) approached us to make the engaging app promotional video.

mobile phone animation
ui animation
Dein Update marketing video

The Challenge // Educate The New Users About

Not all Germany mobile users know about the news apps since they are used to use social networking to get the information. That explains why many mobile users would open Facebook or Twitter firstly.

It might be a tough job to introduce DU to them because the apps like this have the limitation that social networking sites don’t have. But Patrick (creative director) believes that there are segmented users who want some information about Football, and they won’t waste their time to browse around. Instead, they will look at the  apps. They want to increase the visibility of the brand while informing the new users about how it works. They want to educate new users so that the users will know what to do to receive the most unique and latest information from the topic they choose.

There is no better way than an engaging app promotional video.

Dein Update car scene

The Solution // An Engaging Promotional Video

Patrick gave us their consent to use all their assets to convert into the video. As a result, we were able to collect the 2D materials and screenshots of their apps that we would add to the promotional video. We use the 2D motion graphics style to make the engaging app demo video.

We would edit the assets of DU so that these will come significantly in higher resolution. As we know, video hosting site like YouTube allows the uploader to set to the highest quality of the app promotional video. Some viewers might prefer to watch in 480p, 720p, and even 1080p.

We carefully pick the soundtrack for the mobile app demo video with adequate volume. The professional Germany Spokesperson fills a voiceover.


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

Vertical(s) Mobile App

Motion Graphics: Hakob Gepenyan

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