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The trend of using cryptocurrency has been increasing for the past five years. During the reign of the cryptocurrency, the users agree that it still comes with a limitation. By far, the cryptocurrency transactions are only exclusive for people who have an internet connection.

Allohash comes as the platform which encourages the cryptocurrency transactions without internet.

The users can send, trade and convert cryptocurrency with SMS, no internet connection.

Allohash has the perfect features including tracking, analyzing, and checking the balances.

While the platform keeps the transactions more comfortable for the users, explaining how the system works in a few seconds is something else.

The best way to describe the Allohash platform to the new users is by creating blockchain video so the company can host in video hosting sites, social media sites, blog, website video, homepage, and many others.

blockhain video

The Challenge // Describe Allagash Revolutionary Platform In Short Video

Allohash company wants to make clear information to their audiences so that they will attain such informed decisions.

The individuals need to look at the brief and detailed information about Allohash platform and the perks of the platform. Allohash might be more complicated if described in the text, but it should be more straightforward in the animated business video.

Chances are not many users are clear about the Cryptocurrency transactions through SMS.

They want to explain their complex ideas in understandable visual format. It is also to kill the boredom of reading text. They hope that the audiences can retain the Allohash message or explanation. Allohash wants to explain the platform in seconds with high viewers reception. They want the video gathered good conversions to their homepage. Through the use, the company can describe the service, the benefits, as well as the effectiveness of the platform in a short time span.

blockhain  animation

The Solution // A Blockchain Explainer Video

The animated explainer will accomplish the tasks that Allohash have.

In such short duration, it provides the necessary information about the Allohash platform, company, how-it-works, the perks, as well as call-to-action elements.

We highly optimized the video to produce amazing results.

This blockchain explainer video production comes from the professional tools and techniques. We begin the process with the discussions revolving around: the objective of the video, target audience, length, specific requirements, and the way it is going to be published.

The website video is created using a professional voice-over actor, engaging illustrations, effects, and good animation. Our team put the entire idea on the paper. And executed the plan solely based on Allohash company requirements.


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

Vertical(s) Blockchain industry

Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

Story Board&Illustration: Yelena Nerseyan

Motion Graphics: Gevorg Vardanyan

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