Most Efficient Automatic Subtitle Generators You Should Consider

Most Efficient Automatic Subtitle Generators You Should Consider

With entertainment and infotainment becoming increasingly cross-cultural, subtitles are no longer a vanity.

If you are a video creator and want an international viewership, you cannot choose to not add subtitles to your videos.

When you add subtitles to a video, 80% more people watch it than usual.

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Top 3 Automatic subtitle generators of 2022

If you are still doing your subtitling work manually, you are missing out on one of the many benefits of automation. As automation becomes more widespread in every industry, an increasing number of people are leaning towards automatic subtle generators for their subtitle requirements.

There are many automatic subtitle generators out there. It can be daunting to find the right one from so many options. However, not all subtitle generators are the same. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the three best automatic subtitle generators available today.

While choosing the list, we focused on the tools that simplify the process of creating subtitles. When you choose one of these, you can be assured of great results with little to almost no effort.

1. Happyscribe


Happyscribe is one of the most useful automatic subtitle generators out there. This tool would work great for you if you’re for a simple, no-nonsense automatic subtitle generator. It has an average rating of 4.8/5 from more than 450 reviews.

Whether it is formatting or hardcoding subtitles or customizing and translating, you do not   need any prior experience to effectively use Happyscribe.

Some of the top names using Happyscribe’s services are Spotify, BBC, Forbes, and the United Nations. If these big names trust Happyscribe to get their work done, you can too.


Here are some of the prominent features of HappyScribe:

  • Supports many languages including French, German, Japanese, Russian, and more. While many online automatic subtitle generators rely on only English, Happyscribe makes adding subtitles in a wide range of languages possible.
  • Comes with a dedicated subtitle editor. The editor makes it very easy to work with subtitles when you need to make changes or corrections
  • Enables you to format your subtitles, which is crucial to maintain a uniform brand image across medium
  • Allows you to download a video with burnt-in subtitles directly from the platform
  • Comes with an automatic translation feature where your subtitles are automatically translated to languages of your choice
  • Integrate with popular platforms like Zapier, YouTube, and more
  • Upload files of any size or length in the subtitle editor as there is no upper limit for file size
  • Collaborate with your team members in the same workspace
  • Export your subtitles in multiple formats and the formats currently supported by Happyscribe are SRT, VTT, STL, Final Cut Pro, AVID, Premiere, and so on
  • Edit every aspect of your subtitles in Happyscribe, including when they appear and how long they stay on screen


The major benefit of using Happyscribe is its intuitive interface and ease of use. With a simple three-step process, you can get subtitles of any size or length. Managing the finished subtitles is also easy. You can directly share them from the Happyscribe platform or export in different formats.
Happyscribe ensures that your data stays safe. If you are dealing with confidential video and audio, you can use Happyscribe without any worry. To put it simply, HappyScribe is a comprehensive automatic subtitle generator that suits all purposes and needs.


The pricing of this software starts at $9 per month. The tool also offers a 30-minute free trial.

2. AutoSubtitle


AutoSubtitle is another useful automatic subtitle generator that is getting attention from users. Many people like AutoSubtitle because it provides a free sample output from which you can gauge its performance. Like Happyscribe, AutoSubtitle also uses a simple three-step process to process audio and video files.
If you want a quick and easy solution for all your subtitle needs, AutoSubtitle gives you all the necessary tools. With its competitive price range, it is definitely worth a try.


Here are a few prominent features of this tool: 

  • Uses artificial intelligence-based technology to reduce noise and create accurate subtitles. It also has the capability to recognize voices and create closed subtitles.
  • Dub your videos in AutoSubtitle to enhance their quality
  • Upload and download all major file formats and the most common formats  that are supported include mp4, .mov, .avi, .mkv, .flv. AutoSubtitles also allows you to add subtitles to YouTube videos
  • Ensures safe storage of all your data and there is no need to download any application 
  • The privacy and security tools of AutoSubtitles are top-notch. Every video is saved in the cloud and only the uploader can access them. On top of that, all content is deleted after three days.
  • Has a huge library of supported languages. You can get subtitles in more than 119 languages.
  • Is a perfect tool for students to transcribe long audio lectures
  • Add your brand logo for free in any subtitle using this tool 


AutoSubtitles is a good tool for both professionals and amateurs. With a competitive subscription plan, many small businesses and video creators like to use their services. At the same time, it offers advanced functionalities for professional subtitle creators.

 AutoSubtitles is a great choice for anyone seeking a simple way to get subtitles. It keeps its interface and tools simple to help inexperienced users. On top of that, it allows you to manually edit your subtitles for free. That way you can ensure you get what you want.

 When you navigate through their website, you can find all the tools you need easily. They also have good resources to better understand the need for subtitles. 


Three subscription plans are available for AutoSubtitles: 

  • The free account has an upper limit of 512 MB and 15 minutes video length.
  • The Pay as you go version is available at $0.1 per minute/$6 per hour and comes with 10GB storage.
  • The monthly package is available at $10 per month and comes with 50GB storage and custom fonts.

3. SubtitleBee



Our final entry to the list of best automatic subtitle generators is SubtitleBee. SubtitleBee is the go-to subtitle tool for many top influencers. Like Happyscribe, it has a good interface to create and manage all your subtitles. For social media video creators, SubtitleBee is an indispensable tool.

SubtitleBee boasts of an impressive track record. Until now, they have created a total of 26 billion subtitles. Add to that 23 million translation and 1.8 million uploaded media, the stats of SubtitleBee are very impressive.

Let’s have a brief look at the top features of SubtitleBee. 


  • Encourages a streamlined process for creating and exporting subtitles. The interactive interface makes it easy for movies to navigate through the process
  • Choose from over 120 languages as the algorithm of the platform identifies the language and provides automatic translation using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Easily translate your subtitles to multiple languages at once using SubtitleBee’s smart translation tools.
  • Work on your subtitles in a sleek customizable progress bar. The progress bar is optimized for all video resolutions and social media platforms and you may get many customization tools as well
  • Automatically transcribe audio files into text files
  • Advanced video cropping feature for perfect framing
  • Enables you to make subtitles for any social media platform like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook
  • Fast captioning feature for lightning-fast subtitles using AI
  • Add a customized logo to any video
  • Post videos on social media directly from SubtitleBee
  • Focus on privacy as nobody other than the uploader has any access to the videos. Delete them any time from SubtitleBee’s server


The main benefit of using SubtitleBee is getting social media-ready videos. It is ideal for social media influencers and video creators. It also works great for people who need subtitles at very short notice.

Users with all skill levels will find the platform easy to use. All the features and functionalities are well explained. Novices and professionals both will like using this tool for their subtitles. The artificial intelligence-powered system of SubtitleBee makes it a joy to use for anyone who does not want to get into the complexities of creating subtitles. 


  • Get a free trial for one month. You can add subtitles to one video, length not exceeding 10 minutes.
  • Starter plan is available $19 per month; 12 videos and maximum video length of 20 minutes
  • Premium plan is available for $49 per month; 35 videos and maximum video length of 30 minutes 


Subtitles are a must-have in modern video creations and marketing. Using an automatic subtitle generator tool is the most efficient way of getting multiple subtitles in a short time. 

These tools use artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and a bunch of other features to make the subtitling process easier than ever.

In the Comments section below, let us know which tool from above made to your list of favorites.

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