5 Best Animation Outsourcing Companies in 2024

Animated explainer videos are a great marketing tool. If you’ve already got a started project and need it completed, here are 5 animation outsourcing companies worth looking into.

5 Best Animation Outsourcing Companies in 2024

Best Animation Outsourcing Companies

There are many great animated explainer video companies out there. So how do you choose one to work with, especially when you already have the foundation and need someone to complete it. Here, we take a look at the 5 best animation outsourcing companies and why they are considered great to work with.

1. Yans Media

Yans Media is a design-driven animated video production company that tackles every project with accuracy and attention to detail, bringing their expertise and high-quality standards to each video. They’ve been around since 2015; since then they’ve produced hundreds of videos.

Using unique and bold characters, Yans delivers successful marketing messages in a clear and direct way that appeals to viewers and persuades them to take the desired action.

You can collaborate with them to get just your animation outsourced or trust them to do full production with a storyboard, script, illustration, animation, and audio for a complete polished video.
Companies that have worked with Yans Media describe them as reliable and capable of turning any vision into reality.


This animated explainer video shows how much attention to design Yans loves to use in their projects.
Combining minimalism and bright and colors, they subtly inspire the viewer to be curious to investigate the Tatari platform; a heavy focus on features and benefits drive it home. The sleek animation quality, sound design, and overall composition all speak directly to the quality of the video.

You can check out more of Yans Media's work here.

2. Motionstory

Motionstory has been around since 2014. They offer 2D & 3D animation outsourcing services and can handle your project from any point – from creating illustrations and character design to delivering a final polished product. The company is experienced in explainer videos and TV commercials, staking a claim of excellent responsiveness and communication.

Hey You App

We chose this explainer video as one of the best projects created by Motionstory. This video created in 2D motion graphics shows how effectively they can build a video around the message and explain a core idea to the viewer in the quickest amount of time.

3. Nice Shit Studio

Nice Shit Studio is a design-driven animation studio based in Barcelona formed by three enthusiasts who share the same passion for design and animation. They know how to create funny characters and bring humor to their projects, which can be seen in their series of animated videos for the Ketel One “Drink Marvelously” campaign.
If you’re looking for animation outsourcing companies that can take your projects and create bold and minimalist visuals with personalized characters, then Nice Shit Studio could be the right choice for you.

Three Easy Steps to Recover from Chronic Pain

I’ve picked this video as it shows how dynamically they can create and incorporate different moods, shots, styles, and animation techniques. This video also shows the attention to detail to every single scene as well as throughout the overall project.

4. Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja provides full animation services and as an experienced animated video production company, you can trust them to handle your project from any stage or to do the whole project from scratch. They will create a brief, script, storyboard, illustration, and animation. Being responsive is one of their traits that keeps them in lasting partnerships with their clients.
If you’re looking for animation outsourcing companies that are experienced in 2D, then Explain Ninja is one you can trust to get your projects done right.


One of the compelling videos they’ve created is the Pipedrive explainer video that shows how comfortable and confident Explain Ninja is with creating 2D motion graphics videos. They have done a great job with the visuals, so if your priority is a 2D motion graphics video with a clean design then they could be a solid choice for you.

5. Motionlab

Motionlab has been around since 2010. They create 2D and 3D animation and specialize in TV commercials, explainers, and branded videos.
What makes them stand out among many other outsourcing companies is that they are responsive, well organized, and collaborative.
The high quality of their work keeps clients coming back for future videos.

Kids Help Line

Kids Help Line is one of Motionlab’s best examples that shows their skill in storytelling. They have done a great job with this video, effectively explaining how Kids Helpline can help. The warm voiceover builds trust and dynamically integrates with the visuals.

Closing Words

Sometimes you need an entire animated explainer video created from scratch. Sometimes you may just need someone you can outsource the animation process to. The 5 examples here are all strong choices to do either. If you’ve got a project that needs to be animated, or you’re looking for more comprehensive work to be done, contact our strategists for a free consultation now!

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