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Tru is a new platform that wants to turn social media back into what it was supposed to be – a way to connect with other humans in a positive way.


Most of us probably agree that social media has turned into a monster. It’s led to feelings of unhappiness, been used as a tool for bad actors, and instead of bringing us together, it seems to be tearing us apart. We’ve also learned that it was designed from the beginning to be addictive, making it that much harder to pull ourselves away from it. So how can Tru succeed?


Tru’s business solution is to take the power out of algorithms designed to keep you scrolling for ad impressions – no matter how toxic the content – and put it back into the hands of humans. We took that into account and made it the forefront of the message in this video. Once we engaged viewers with emotional reminders of how toxic current social media is, we established how Tru is different and what they’re doing to make social media what it should have been all along – a way for people to connect with technology, instead of being controlled by it. With flowing visuals and a somber (yet not overly dour) voiceover, the message is clear. Tru turns you back into a user of social media, instead of being used by it.


Client: Hive

Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2.5D  Motion Graphics

Vertical(s) High Tech

Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

Art Direction: Anet Hovhannisyan

Illustrations: Anet Hovhannisyan, Gani Hakobian

Motion Graphics: Hakob Gepenyan, Smbat Harutyunyan

Traditional Animation: Gani Hakobian, Anet Hovhannisyan

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