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Creattie is a great new source for premium lottie animations


While video is one of the best marketing tools available, there is no question that there’s an ocean of content out there. Making an impact can sometimes feel like being a single drop of water in that ocean. So much digital content blends together, looking exactly the same and becoming one uninteresting blurry mess. How can you stand out from all the rest while still staying true to your brand?


You’ve heard the phrase, “less is more,” and that strategy can work wonders. The first thing you notice with the Creattie video is not only is it minimal in design, it’s in black and white. There’s nothing to distract from the message, which is also simple, but effective; an emotional alignment with the struggle of searching through endless boring stock content. And then, all of a sudden, there’s a visual explosion that introduces color for the first time, but only one - red. And that red is a stark contrast to the black and white. So now we’ve got a brand reveal that offers up a solution while creating an emotional anchor with sound and color. Throughout the video, we never get overly complicated. There’s a simple problem, a simple solution, and the minimalism of the audio and visuals all combine to create a simple yet powerful message that stands out from the pack. It’s always a tactic worth considering if you’re having trouble sticking out from the rest - less, when done right, can end up being much, much more.


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