KeyCard – Status Explainer Video

In a digital world, Keycard brings a higher level of security for your transactions and finances.


Digital this, digital that. Everyone is still excited that everything has gone, or is going, “digital.” Unfortunately, the people excited about everything being digital include hackers, scammers, and frauders, who are all coming up with ways to rob you of your hard earned cash. Combining digital with physical tech, keycard has introduced an-ultra secure method of protecting your digital transactions. But in a world of digital, how do you convince potential customers to add an additional physical card to their wallet?

keycard explainer video


 We start with the realities: your online money just isn’t that safe. We’ve all been victims of scams, skims, and frauds. A friendly reminder at the beginning of the video shows us that while digital finances are much easier to handle than it was to break out the old checkbook, it’s also easier for hackers to take advantage. They key here (no pun intended) was to show that while yes, you need an additional card in your possession, it’s actually pretty easy to use, and the benefits of enabling it as a second factor to authorize transactions massively overcompensate for any minor inconvenience.

motion graphics animation
marketing animation
KeyCard 1


Client: KeyCard

Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2.5D  motion graphics, Mixed

Vertical(s) High Tech



Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

Illustrations: Anet Hovhannisyan, Gani Hakobian

Motion GraphicsHakob Gepenyan, Smbat Harutyunyan

Traditional Animation: Gani Hakobian