Blockchain Video Hijack

Hijack promises to disrupt the rideshare industry – more money for drivers, lower fares for riders, and a better experience for everyone.

It is the world’s first transportation eco-system built on blockchain creating a new experience that empowers the user.

Here’s how Hijack works:

•All Hijack transactions uses the JACK token.
•Hijack Drivers receive JACKs based on our Proof of Drive algorithm; Drivers enjoy additional rewards on top of earnings!
•Hijack Riders are also rewarded JACKs simply by riding with us!
•Understanding the Blockchain is not required – when activated, the Hijack Automated Exchange converts JACKs to money, seamlessly.
•Drivers may spend their JACKs immediately with the Hijack debit card. No more waiting for a payout to buy gas or supplies.
•And best of all, there are zero commissions, which means more money for drivers and cheaper rides for riders.

Rewards for Driving, Rewards for Riding, Rewards for Referring a friend to Hijack. Every Hijack Trip is truly a Rewarding one!

It’s time for ridesharing to truly share.

HiJack 1
HiJack 2


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

Vertical(s): Blockchain Industry



Creative Direction: Hakob Gepenyan

 Story Board&Illustration: Anet Hovhannisyan, Gayane Hakobian

Motion GraphicsGevorg Vardanyan