Animated Explainer Video

Introduction: Setting the Scene

DoorDash, a leader in food delivery services, faced a challenge: they wanted to not only improve their onboarding process but also increase awareness of their diverse offerings. These included self-delivery options, app functionalities, business order capabilities, and numerous other services.

Objective: A Dual Focus on Onboarding and Awareness

Our primary goal was twofold: to streamline the onboarding process for new users and to illuminate the myriad services DoorDash offers. This dual objective required a strategic approach to content creation, one that was both informative and engaging.

Strategy: Crafting a Custom Visual Narrative

To meet DoorDash's needs, we developed a custom visual style uniquely tailored to their brand. Collaborating with Quickframe, we embarked on a project to create animations for a series of videos.

Execution: Over 20 Videos Across the Customer Journey

The result was an extensive collection of over 20 animated videos, each carefully crafted to address different stages of the customer journey.

From onboarding newcomers to showcasing the full spectrum of DoorDash's services, these videos served as both educational and marketing tools.

Outcome: Enhanced Onboarding and Service Understanding

The impact of these videos was immediate and profound.

New users found the onboarding process smoother and more engaging, leading to a better initial experience with the DoorDash app.

Furthermore, existing customers gained a deeper understanding of the full range of services available, leading to increased usage and engagement.

Conclusion: A Partnership That Delivers Results

Through this partnership, DoorDash was able to not only enhance their onboarding process but also effectively communicate the variety and utility of their services. The success of this project stands as a testament to the power of targeted, well-designed video content in enhancing user experience and brand awareness.


Agency: Quickframe

Animation production: Yans Media

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