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CaraKit - Explainer Video

CaraKit is a service for women who have been diagnosed with a severe illness.


Nothing shakes you to your core like the diagnoses of a serious disease or illness. The founder of CaraKit has gone through it herself, and learned that many people don’t know how to help when someone they love gets cancer or another serious illness. So how do you also convey that feeling in a short video?


Working with CaraKit’s founder, we developed the powerful story and visual of a tornado catching up a single person to put the viewer in the mindset of a disaster that also makes you feel totally isolated. Then, we talk about the heart and soul of CaraKit; a service that sources wonderful products from women who have actually been there themselves, know how it feels, and how best to help. The result is a video that conveys the spirit of the brand and builds trust as a business built with love and empathy from those who truly understand.


Client: Carakit

Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2.5D  motion graphics

Creative Direction: Anet Hovhannisyan

Illustrations: Arevik Melkonyan, Tamara Kaghzvantsyan

Motion Graphics: Varuzhan Avagyan

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