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Leanstack is making headlines in the startup world. But to make headlines, you don’t just need a great book cover and better content. You also need influence and a book promotion video to spread the knowledge.

Startups are beginning to notice that animated explainer production can give them the influence they need to change lives. That is why Ash Maurya connected with Simplifilm and they partnering with Yans Media animation studio to spread their ideas and expand business knowledge.

Running Lean promo video
Running Lean book animation
rocket animation

The Challenge // Harness The Power Of Lean Stack Through An App Explainer Video

Ash Maurya is an entrepreneur and author of Lean Stack. Probably the best collection of tools, content and coaching resources to help entrepreneurs build a successful business. His main goal when approaching Simplifilm was for them to help him create an app explainer video to harness the power of knowledge. He also wanted to get in contact with top book promotion video companies to make his idea a reality.

Our alliance with Simplifilm was a direct ticket to jump into the Lean Stack wagon. We wanted to make a book trailer that was informational, inspirational and with wicked motion graphics. An animated book trailer that explained how Lean Stack could help startups grow bigger and stronger.

Running Lean promo animation

The Solution // An animated promotional video for companies and startups

Just as top book promotion video companies, we approached this project with responsibility and excitement. We developed futuristic templates to match the book to the industry. This would help our animated book trailer become viral and reach the demographic.

We also wanted to make a book trailer that helped the viewer think about innovation, business, and strategy. As a result, the script addressed this with high tech and productivity analogies. This was joined by fast camera movements and colorful transitions.

Running Lean space scene


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

Explainer Video

Creative Direction: Hakob Gepenyan

Story Board&Illustration: Hakob Gepenyan

Motion Graphics: Hakob Gepenyan, Tigran Movsisyan

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