7 Tips For Writing An Incredible Animated Explainer Video Script

Learn everything you need to know to write an incredible explainer video script.

7 Tips For Writing An Incredible Animated Explainer Video Script

If you’re planning to create an explainer video by yourself, you should know that it is a daunting task to do.

So it is only natural if you let the explainer video agency to do the job.  But writing a script is another thing. Writing an impactful explainer video script is a challenge that not all folks can pass by.

When it comes to the script, you will have some options.

You can leave the explainer video script up to the explainer video company and take a hands-off approach. Most reputable animated explainer video agencies have their own scriptwriters and partner with many talented people to work with.

The second option, you could consider hiring a dedicated copywriting company that can develop the authentic explainer video script for you. The expert copywriter will know what you need. But you will need more money to spend. It goes without saying that it is the expense that might burden you, moreover if you have just started your business.

Or, you can try writing a script by yourself. No matter which option you will select you should consider these points for getting an incredible animated explainer video script for your marketing video.

1. Know your audience

Knowing the characteristics of your audience will help you to decide the tone of your script. When writing an explainer video script, you will connect your feeling to your audience. That’s why it is important to feel their pain and know their hope. You surely want that your product or service make your clients lives better.

You will want to solve a problem that you’ve identified in the community. you will be able to address the pain experiences of your clients or the burdens created by the competitive offerings in every aspect.

It is important to speak up about your client’s pain in the video. This will show them that you do understand them. It is the perfect way to show your empathy. Just like when you have someone to lean on, they will do the same to your brand, product, or service.

2. Be cheerful and friendly

Many people overlook the jovial factors in their video these days. That’s why many of them are failing their business. You don’t need to make such jumbo mambo gimmicks like giant brands do out there.

The fact is that people don’t give a thing about how your product works or what is about your startup video because it seems so boring. Meanwhile, they will be more attracted if you make it as a fun experience for them.

Instead of giving a load of facts about your product or service, add fun characters or fun graph to illustrate your point. Something fun will be a lot easier to remember. It is a primordial thing that you need to include in your explainer video script.

3. Make the video script short

When you are thinking the concept of your video, you will also need to know the span of a human. Did you know that the span of a human is 8.25 seconds? That is lower than a dog that has 2 minutes attention span. What does it mean?

The first 10 seconds of your video will really determine the future of your brand. Even less, the first 8 seconds of your video must engage the people who watch it.

The ideal duration of an explainer video is about 60 seconds up to 120 seconds. So, it is very important to keep your explainer video script short and dense.

“So, how do I make a short and dense script?” To give you the big picture of this, keep in mind that the standard of the script in the professional agency is 140 words of text. You will probably want to stick to that number. It is the words minute that you won’t want to miss.

4. Tell a story

In the creative process, you will want to make your video viral. But only a few people really know what goes viral and what will simply get lost in the social media or video hosting sites like YouTube.

There is always temptation to hit a wider audience. But it is wiser to focus on folks who like your niche.

While many agree that the explainer video is about a problem-solution thing, it is also important to make sure that people get spelled under your interesting story.

The great thing about the story is that it activates the imagination of your viewers. The story has been proven to be effective in connecting the emotions. The story can make your audience happy, and remember you all along. It is the true power of the story. You don’t need to be an expert storyteller to do this. Just consider that you tell a story to your friends or family.

5. Stick to the key points

You might have the passion in your niche. You are not alone, then.There are many people who are passionate about their niche.

The live and love with it. But this passion often leads to the worst script that doesn’t sell. To make an engaging content, you also need to consider the points of your video. Keep in mind that you only have 1 to 2 minutes to impress your audience. That is not a lot of words to paste, isn’t it? Sticking to the key points will be awesome.

6. Play their emotions

Of course, I meant it in the good ways. You are not to deceive them with gimmicks. Rather, you can humor them, or tap into emotions through several creative fetches. You must set the appropriate tone when writing a script. This is probably the most integral part of the script writing tips.

This is the top appeal that you might want to consider. When you appeal your audience through humor, story, aspirations, dreams, nostalgia, or even fiction, people will more receptive to what you say in the video. Emotion is the key driver behind purchasing decisions.

7. Call to action

When writing a script, the call action is the most integral part of your video. An explainer video without call-to-action is a clueless one. Your viewers won’t know what to do next. You will want to add this to your video so that your target audience can focus on your product and know what thing to do next. Make sure that your verbal call to action matches with the content or dialogue.

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