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In the digital enterprise space, cybersecurity has been an important topic because it’s the gatekeeper of information in all areas. Cybersecurity controls the protection of PCs, servers, cell phones, networks, electronic appliances, systems, and news from malicious assaults. But many entrepreneurs and business owners won’t be sure of how well their security works until they test their system, which can be costly. Here is where the Buglab enters the game.

Buglab uses blockchain to enable adequate penetration testing for digital enterprise solutions. Buglab itself is an Ethereum-based platform that provides a home for companies to get in touch with expert cybersecurity researchers. In the ecosystem, cybersecurity experts help businesses all over the world to find the flaws in their protection and then fix the problem for them. The testers and the companies then connect to conduct penetration testing on terms that work for both.

The blockchain video is the best-suited concept to help both of them understand how the system works.

buglab animated video
blockchain video style

The Challenge // Explaining The Buglab Platform In A Short Time

As we all know, we humans have a  short of attention span.

Buglab approached us to discuss what they can do to engage the researchers, testers, and companies in a single animated video. The challenge revolves around brand and platform awareness since it is a relatively new concept to introduce.

Buglab needs an impactful and engaging blockchain video so that target viewers have enough reason to join the platform.

infographic animation

The Solution // Blockchain Explainer Video

To increase the viewers’ understanding level, there is no better tool than  blockchain explainer video.

The animated explainer style that we use is motion graphics. With this video, Buglab reinvigorates the knowledge for viewers who think they already know what cybersecurity is but don’t yet know about Buglab’s solution.

Using the BugLab assets, we remodel the objects so that they will blend well with the motion graphics.

blockchain company video

Some viewers may also be missing the basics and may be confused about the advanced concepts. That’s why we choose the exciting characters and graphics to explain the whole idea clearly to the audience.

The script is also read by a professional voiceover artist with an excellent British accent and friendly manner, making it more accessible for users across the globe since Buglab is an international product. Music is also an integral part of the explainer video. We paired an excellent soundtrack for the video that affects the positive emotions of the viewers without distracting them.

The company’s brand identity “BugLab” is also carefully portrayed and used.


Animation production: Yans Media

Animation Style: Motion graphics

Vertical(s) Blockchain technology

Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

Style: Bachoo Design

Story Board&Illustration: Hakob Gepenyan

Motion Graphics: Hakob Gepenyan, Tigran Movsisyan

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