Animated Product Video For Versa Bands

In today’s world, there are simply too many options to broadcast your message. With traditional outlets, TV or the Internet, communication is simply oversaturated. But you still need to keep your brand fresh and spend your budget wisely. Thankfully, there are always great options at hand. One way is an animated product video. Another way is with the latest in promotional tactics. Versa-Bands is an advertising tool that can provide the biggest impact on your marketing. Designed for 1001 uses, this durable rubber band is as useful as it is effective. With Versa-Bands, your brand will stay in front of the right people and you will stay within your budget limits.

Versa Bands 1
Versa Bands 2
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challenge // Create An Effective Product Introduction Video

Out of sight, out of mind is the last thing you want for your company. So why not combine two of the most effective promotional tools into one? That is what the people at Versa Bands were looking for. Their product can carry any logo while attaching anything to just about anything else. Of course, they wanted to highlight this great capability. They also wanted to use our animated product video to welcome visitors to their website. For this reason, we decided to create something both entertaining to watch and informative to listen

Versa Bands 4

 Solution // An engaging product explainer video

With the animated product video, Versa-Bands introduced their benefits very clearly. The main focus was to let the product shine by itself, without the video stealing the spotlight. For this purpose, Yans Media used a clean design, smooth transitions, and seamless camera movements.Our partners at Simplifilm also wanted the script to be very clear and to the point. The end result was a hugely entertaining product explainer video that enhances the promotional power of Versa-Bands.

Versa Bands 5


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics




Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

Story Board&Illustration: Nune Khachatryan, Hasmik Sngryan

Motion GraphicsLevon Kirakosyan, Hakob Gepenyan