5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Explainer Video Agency

We reveal industry secrets every business needs to know before hiring an explainer video agency. Use it as a checklist the next time you're vetting companies.

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Explainer Video Agency

You would think hiring an explainer video agency would be easy, right?

After finding a credible website, you check the portfolio and schedule a call with the agency. The salesperson is friendly, appears to understand your goals, and gives you a great deal. You hang up feeling excited about the new partnership.

But let me ask you…

Can a company without experience in your industry understand the nuances of the business and communicate the true value of your product or service?

Of course not.

In this article, we will reveal industry secrets to help you avoid blind spots. Ask these 5 questions, and you will find the best explainer video agency for your campaign.

1. Did you produce the work in your portfolio?

We automatically assume that if a company features a project in its portfolio, the work belongs to that company.

But the sad truth is that this isn't the case.

I've found myself in this situation multiple times.

On two separate occasions, I came across our projects standing proudly in competing agency portfolios.

The most surprising part is one of the companies was a significant player in the industry.

So, I reached out to them as a client and said that I liked this video and asked to confirm that their team had created it, and they did.

I said, "OK, but if I am not mistaken, I saw this video on another company's website."

Their answer was brilliant.

They said, "maybe one of our former employees is now with them and claimed that they had some participation".

1.1. The solution

I have a lot of similar stories. And you might be wondering - so what is the solution?

There is only one correct answer.

Ask them to send you the source files demonstrating the progress step-by-step. If they send the files, you can ensure they are responsible for the work, and if they refuse, you may want to think twice before working with a company that isn't transparent.

2. How about your client list?

Unfortunately, you can't trust a client list just because it's on an agency's website. Wherever you go (meaning any explainer video company website you open), you'll likely find an accumulation of clients that David Ogilvy himself would be jealous to have in his portfolio.

client list illustration

2.1. The solution

Basically, the solution is the same. If you have any doubts or the client list seems too good to be true, ask them to demonstrate the project progress with the source files.

3. Can you produce a similar video as an example?

Another pitfall that you might encounter is when you see a great video and want to do something similar.

So, what do you do?

You reach out to different explainer agencies and send them that video you want to emulate to reference.

9 times out of 10, they will claim to have the ability to create the same quality. The truth is if your reference is top quality, 9 out of 10 can't handle the job.

3.1. The solution

This is the only thing when you need an expert if you don't have basic knowledge about the quality of visuals and animation.

Most agencies can produce high-quality visuals but struggle with the messaging. An effective video marketing campaign is far more than visually appealing. In fact, some of the best explainer videos use extremely simple or basic animation techniques.

However, all quality explainer videos will clearly communicate the value proposition while creating a connection with the viewer.

We press further into the agency's marketing experience with the next question.

4. How will you market to my target audience?

This is maybe the most confusing and underrated indicator that business owners miss.

Video marketing is first and foremost about effective marketing and then about video quality.

So, the next time you're pitched a video award-winning design, ignore it; the design is far from the most important quality in an explainer video agency's work.

Instead, your video should be captivating, start a conversation, and incentivize viewers to take action.

4.1. The solution

Make sure that the explainer video agency is not a team of creatives but has marketers on staff. You need a marketing-forward mindset to create the right concept and deliver your message.

sales funnel illustration

At the end of the day, you want conversions. A team without skilled marketers won't be able to create a compelling explainer and achieve your ultimate goal.

5. Is your agency local or abroad?

This is maybe the most controversial question. On the one hand, offshore companies are more cost-effective, but on the other hand, you have reservations about trusting an agency overseas.

But here's the truth.

Most local agencies outsource production offshore.

But if you decide to go with a company abroad, you're likely concerned the content won't reflect the culture of your target market.

Fair enough, it's an entirely reasonable concern.

That is why at Yans we have 2 offices with 2 different functions. The one in Eastern Europe, Armenia, handles only the production. Our other location consists of the content team, which comprises local professionals who are in tune with trends and understand the culture.

5.1. The solution

If your budget is less than $30K, then I would recommend checking all available options, both local and abroad. However, make sure that the content team consists of local professionals.

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More tips

Here are more tips to consider when choosing an explainer agency:

  • Check If the agency creates custom-made videos and does not use any stock materials.
  • Make sure that this is clearly outlined in the agreement.
  • Check if the agency suggests you include your video in their portfolio; agree because they will work with more enthusiasm.
  • Make sure that the revision policy is clear. If you're offered unlimited revisions, something is wrong with the agency. Unlimited means endless work, and your explainer video might turn out to be a bad joke.
  • Ask if you can get the project source files with the final delivery. Some studios do not provide them, and some will ask for an extra fee. Only a few companies include them in the project price.

Final Words

Use this guide as a checklist and remember that each point is essential when hiring an explainer video agency. If you have trouble finding a reputable agency to produce your video, contact us today for a free consultation.

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