Live Nation



Live Nation sought to introduce their innovative Wishlist feature to a global audience, aiming to enhance user engagement and streamline the concert-going experience. The challenge was to demonstrate the feature's functionality and benefits in an engaging way that resonated with both existing and potential app users.


Our production company took on the task, recognizing the need to blend informative content with compelling visuals. We decided to employ dynamic animation to outline the Wishlist feature's step-by-step process, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding for the viewer.


The app feature demo video was launched across multiple platforms, including YouTube, LIve Nation website, garnering significant views and engagement from the target audience. Feedback highlighted the video's effectiveness in demonstrating the Wishlist feature's value, with many viewers expressing excitement about utilizing the app for future events.


Concept & Idea: Michael Goldberg

Script: Tim Savage

Production lead: Tigran Movsisyan

Animation & editing: Hakob Gepenyan

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