Maximizing impact with minimalism: Cisco Duo and Cisco Umbrella campaign

Introduction: Collaborative efforts for Cisco

In a collaborative project with Quickframe agency, who supported the concept side, we focused on the production of video content for two of Cisco's products:

Cisco Duo and Cisco Umbrella.

Our challenge was to translate these concepts into compelling videos that resonated with Cisco's brand identity.

Creative direction: Embracing minimalism

We embraced a minimalist approach to focus on the core benefits of each product. This style choice, aligned with Cisco's brand, allowed us to create clean and straightforward videos, ensuring the main message was clearly communicated.

Cisco Duo: Secure access, simplified

The Cisco Duo video highlighted its easy use and robust security, with our minimalist design emphasizing these key features. The result was a clear depiction of Duo as a leading solution in secure access.

Cisco Umbrella: Uncomplicated, comprehensive protection

For Cisco Umbrella, our video focused on its all-encompassing internet protection. The minimalist visuals effectively conveyed Umbrella's extensive security in an uncomplicated manner.

Results: A viral success

This campaign achieved nearly 10 million views in just three months, demonstrating the power of minimalist design in resonating with audiences and effectively communicating product benefits.

Conclusion: The power of minimalism and collaboration

This project showcased that minimalism, when executed well, can have a massive impact. Our collaboration with Quickframe agency on the conceptual side, combined with our focus on production, led to a successful campaign that stayed true to Cisco's brand while clearly communicating the value of Cisco Duo and Cisco Umbrella.


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