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Some brands are simple to make exciting marketing content for. Movies, fashion, and food are easy to get people interested in paying attention to. Other businesses are a bit more tricky. This isn’t a new challenge; products like steel or gaskets are necessary for construction, but extremely boring from a marketing standpoint. And although new technology can be exciting, there is infrastructure for that as well that you probably won’t be seeing a famous celebrity endorsing anytime soon. So how do you market something like a data server in a way that gets people to notice?


AuroraFS is a company with a lot of potential in the digital age. As the need for massive amounts of data sharing grows with HD video for VR and the metaverse, the foundation underneath all those mind-blowing graphics has had to grow exponentially. But as we’ve mentioned countless times, what gets people excited is rarely a business or product or service, but how it is portrayed to their emotions. Instead of focusing on the tech features of AuroraFS, we focused on the benefit, crafting a bright, colorful story that shows the excitement of the VR and metaverse that AuroraFS makes possible. The result is a video that ends up being even more engaging and interesting than most.


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