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If you are familiar with real estate listings and home renovations, you know there is always more than meets the eye. Homeowners want the highest offer, and agents want the highest commission. That is why home renovation services and an animated corporate video can go very well together.

IRenovate is a renovation company that wants to help clients get the best deal for their home. With a great team of professionals and a special talent for design, iRenovate offers different renovation plans for different needs.

They are also very committed to customer service and provide the ability to renovate any home with no disturbance for the homeowner.

IRenovate video
IRenovate marketing vidoe
IRenovate bathroom scene

Challenge // Use Our Best Video Animation Expertise To Promote Irenovate

The people at iRenovate reached out to Simplifilm, the ad agency our explainer video studio usually works with/has created some amazing work with. They were looking for a way to show real estate agents and homeowners the benefits of their service. Moreover, they wanted their premise to be easily explained and matched with the right visuals

Some of the best explainer videos are specifically created for this industry. There is something about their smooth visuals and effectiveness that real estate companies just love. For this reason, we thought an animated corporate video would be a great chance to explain iRenovate’s key features through some fun animations.

IRenovate 4th scene

Solution // Create an effectively animated video explainer for agents and homeowners

Jessie, the creative director, decided to use home and family-related visuals to create a sense of friendliness and assistance. Yans Media also designed elaborate household scenes to transmit the feeling of renovation and home improvement that our client excels at.

Tim wrote the script to state the problem, explain the solution and make the viewer feel like iRenovate has their best interest at heart.In the end, our animated corporate video feels very organic and relatable and explains the company’s benefits in a friendly and clear manner.

IRenovate last scene


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

Vertical(s) Real Estate

Creative Direction: Simplifilm&Yans Media

Story Board&Illustration: Nune Khachatryan

Motion Graphics: Hakob Gepenyan, Tigran Movsisyan

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