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Much progress has been made in the fight against AIDS in recent years, but there is still a long way to go, especially in areas where poverty and stigma prevent people from getting access to lifesaving measures.


Complex topics can be tricky to address in any circumstance. But getting out an important message in less than a minute adds even more of a challenge. How do you show inequality and inequity effectively in a short video while treating the content with the care that it deserves?


Metaphors are incredibly effective at conveying messages while at the same time establishing emotional engagement. For the UN AIDS Carribean project, we worked with regional partners to put together a script that takes uphill battles and turns them into visual representations of how important and powerful empathy and compassion can be for those less priviliged. The result is that in only a minute, a viewer becomes immersed in a story that has a full arc and appeal to compassionate action.



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