Hanappier Commercial Video

Hanappier is an aged grape brandy, imbued with traditions and rich history of Suriname.

The partnership started when Sub Rum was looking to promote their new product; Suriname’s traditional white rum, with a rich history dating from the 17th century. Yans Media was challenged to present the new branding of the 65% Marienburg rum and deliver the message of a new market positioning.

Our creative team transformed the old branding to the new one in a fresh and the way that young auditory would love. The Results was incredible: 100% positive feedback from young auditory and around 70K social media interactions in one month.

Therefore, the SUB RUM marketing team decided to create another great commercial using visual effects to present the product to the auditory that appreciates brandy with a fire in it.

Hanappier 1
Hanappier 2
Hanappier 3


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

Vertical(s) Explainer Video



Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

VFX: Tigran Movsisyan

 Motion GraphicsHakob Gepenyan