Startup Video

You’ve Got the Next Big Thing. How Do You Get the Word Out?

Whether you’re trying to attract the attention of investors or ready to show the world what your company can do, you need a startup video!

High Quality Animated

Startup Videos Starting at $2500

Why Your Startup Needs An Explainer Video

The good news is, with the power of the internet, you can attract customers from every corner of the globe. But while you can develop a new idea until it’s perfect, you still need to get people’s attention.

That’s where a startup video comes into play. A startup demo video works by:

•Telling the story of your brand
•Delivering your message with engaging and compelling content
•Hooking your target audience, stirring their emotions, and framing your company as the solution to a problem they have
•Compelling viewers to take further action with your company

Examples Of Startup Videos

How Much Does It Cost To Create An

Animated Startup Video?

At Yans Media, our typical rate for an animated startup video usually falls between $2500 and $4500, depending on length, style, complexity, and quality level desired. We are also happy to talk with you about longer, multi-video campaigns.

What Startups Has Yans

Media Partnered With?

Since 2008, we’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of startups from around the world. Our partners have included companies small and big – from one person entrepreneurial operations to massive tech startups in Silicon Valley. Here are some of the startups we have partnered with:

  • FairFly
  • 15Five
  • Laclary
  • EduTyping
  • Varpet

How Long Does It Take To Create

An Animated Startup Video?

Typically, our video production process takes 6-8 weeks. This covers:

  • Discovery, where we learn your needs and goals.
  • Story conceptualization
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Voice recording and audio mixing
  • Animation
  • Video finalization

How Does A Startup Video Persuade

Decision Makers?

•Today’s viewers have short attention spans. So we make sure we create an emotional hook within the first 10 seconds of a video. There are many ways we may do this. One common and effective method is by using a compelling metaphor.
Another one is we address the target auditory’s pain points.
•We keep the video short (usually a minute, sometimes 2), well-paced, and focused. Just one main solution to a customer’s issue and a few supporting features.
• Finally, we add a strong call to action at the end to then convert viewer curiosity into traffic

How Should A Startup Use

An Explainer Video

In short, any way you can!

If you’re looking for investors, an explainer video goes a long way in marketing presentations, at trade shows, and online (AngelList, Kickstarter, website homepage, social media etc.).

Think of a startup explainer video like the ultimate elevator pitch. – it’s perfect, fully produced first experience potential customers should have with your company outside of you wining and dining them personally!

How Does Yans Media Helps Startups And Why Work With Us?

As long-time experts in the video production business, we’ve been able to watch startups we’ve partnered with grow to great success. We have insight into what works and what doesn’t from a video marketing perspective. Read on to see startup partners we’ve worked with!