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Our cooperation with Yans Media lasted 1.5 month. Since then, has hardly passed a month but we already saw 10-15% increase in overall order, Play Store and App Store downloads. In our social pages followers and video views have been also increased compering with the previous month’s reports.
Grigori Jlavyan
Varpet  | Yans Media
Solana |  Yans Media
Pavlok  Yans Media
Yans Media did an outstanding job by creating an awesome animation. It is even better then what I was expecting. Great communication and amazing consulting on how my product will be in the best light. If you are looking for the best guys to handle your animation, you just found them here. Thank you!
Patrick Wernicke
Dein Update |  Yans Media
Visa |  Yans Media
Granini | Yans Media
The inventor of the device was very impressed. And we witnessed one of the first 5 or 6 public viewers purchase a tornado alert immediately after viewing, with no other dialogue or sales pitch. So, I think the effectiveness of the video to provide sufficient information to make a buying decision has been validated. Which also, in my opinion, validates the work your team put into the product, and their professionalism...
Mickey Lee
Tornado Alert
Deloitte | Yans Media
Tornado Alert  | Yans Media
Leanstack | Yans Media