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We’ll handle any part of the animation production process you require

Whether you’re looking for a partner to handle your animated video project from start to finish, or you just need some additional help for one step of the process, our expert team has your back.

  • Concept & Story creation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Style & Visual design
  • Voiceover & Sound design
  • Animation
  • Finalization & polish
Animation  production process

Selected work

Animation production for agencies

Types of agencies we partner with

  • Advertising agencies
  • Creative agencies
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • PR firms
  • Social media marketers
  • Branding agencies
  • SEO and AO agencies
  • Branding agencies
  • Design studios

How does partnership with Yans Media work?

We understand that every one of your clients is different, which is why we implement a full discovery process to understand your specific needs. We’re flexible and ready to work with you to easily integrate our team into your workflow, no matter what stage the project is in.

For example, if you need to present a storyboard on a Thursday morning, we’ll have it to you earlier in the week to ensure it’s exactly what you need.

Whatever the circumstance, we’ve got you covered.


Animation styles
We are experts in 2D animation, motion graphics, 3D animation and explainer video production.
How do you create your designs; Are they unique?
All of our designs and art are 100% unique and original to each project. We discuss style, tone, and references with you before beginning any project.
Is your animation team in-house, or do you use freelancers?
Our entire animation team is in-house, as is most of our team of experts.

The only work we contract out for is voiceover artists. For that, we’ve built a roster of highly talented people who we’ve been working with for years.
How does payment work?
Half the payment is due up front, and half is due when the project is complete. This makes it easy and simple for both of us!
Do you offer any discounts or promotions?
We have special rates for long-term partners, as well as promotions for multi-video projects. Contact us to learn more.
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