Quorso – Animated Software Explainer Video

Appealing to multiple target audiences


How do you craft an effective sales message when you’re targeting more than one group of potential users?


Usually, we recommend that companies get as specific as possible when determining their target audience. It doesn’t make for a compelling message when you try to be all things to all people. However, there can be exceptions. With Quorso, it was important to showcase the usage of their app between all departments. We did this by creating five coworker characters. That way, we could show a typical day in the office and show all the pain points between them. Enter Quorso, now integrated across the company to create individual solutions and then solutions on a company-wide scale.

Quorso 1
Quorso 2
Quorso 3
Quorso 4
Quorso 5
Quorso 6
Quorso 7


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2.5D  motion graphics

Vertical(s) High Tech



Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

Illustrations: Gayane Hakobian, Anet Hovhannisyan,  Karina Azizyan

Motion Graphics:  Smbat Harutyunyan

Traditional Animation: Gayane Hakobian, Hakob Gepenyan