Parsiq: A Revolution For The Revolution

Blockchain; it’s the tech buzzword of the last couple years. Blockchain does this, blockchain does that, blockchain does it all. The reality is, while blockchain is amazing, it’s still in its Model T stage. And just like the old Model T cars, there’s a lot of potential, but everyone is still trying to figure out what it’s capable of, especially when it comes to the exciting but unstable cryptocurrency markets.

Welcome to Parsiq.

Parsiq offers stability to the excitement. It’s kind of like when they took one of the first cars and said: “you know what, this thing would be a lot better of a product if we put brakes and headlights on it.”

Parsiq offers security for your crypto wallet, asset tracking to thwart hackers, and even recovery options if you do get targeted. Beyond that, it also offers market insights and potential breaking news based on big data analyzations.

Parsiq 1

The Challenge // The World Of Blockchain Is Complicated

Alright yeah, so I stole the challenge from the first line of our blockchain video.

But that’s the reality. The challenge is to convey to crypto investors and aficionados — both professional and hobbyist — that Parsiq has a product to take some risk out of being involved in the cryptocurrency market. They also wanted to share more information than what’s done in the average video, although the amount could still fit within the sweet spot (you don’t want to exceed two minutes for an explainer video).

Parsiq 2

The Solution // A Futuristic Style That Flows

It can be hard to take an idea as complex as a blockchain-based product and make a video about it. How do you visualize computer code and make it interesting? Make it understandable? We went with a 2d isometric animation style.

We wanted to have a futuristic style that was bold, but also focused. Fun colors and characters can work with many types of businesses, but here is a situation we wanted to keep visually focused so that the viewer isn’t too overwhelmed by the content. Throw in an ascending music track that builds excitement and a business-casual voiceover, and you get a recipe for a blockchain explainer video that is engaging while staying focused.

Parsiq 3


Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

Vertical(s) Blockchain



Creative Direction: Hakob Gepenyan

Story Board&Illustration: Anet Hovhannisyan, Gayane Hakobian

Motion GraphicsGevorg Vardanyan