Pacefunding Company Introduction Video

With the renovation showing the high demands, many homeowners are having the sense that investing in quality home renovations will be a right decision for the future. Every home is different so that the ideas of remodeling it will be dynamic. But to add a lot of value, everyone agrees that they’d want to make the home more energy efficient and tangible for modern lifestyle.

PACEFunding helps homeowners with the renovation plans, as well as the financing plan. In this case, the company reached out to us to describe their positive traits and messages through useful company introduction video. And we were the one who can provide the high quality of custom video for them.

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The Challenge //Introducing Pacefunding Brand And Solution

Let alone the brand, and it is always challenging to spread the messages to the new audience. PACEFunding representatives approached us with the hope that we have the ideas to make a great video for them.

PACEFunding representatives were okay with animated company video ideas that we proposed. But we discussed the challenges. The question is: “How to make the audiences recall PACE Funding brand when they need their services?” We have an excellent idea for  PACE Funding company introduction video.

Pacefunding 3

The Solution //The Simple And Straightforward Company Introduction Video

The custom video that we’d build would be around 1 minute.

Yans Media and PACEFunding teams did know that modern people have shorter time attention span than before. So, we’d want to keep the content simple and straightforward. The video content would focus on the problems and solutions. If we were going to break them down. The outline would be like these:


We decided the style of the animation would be the 2D motion graphics because it is fun and engaging. Our Motion Graphics expert made use of the PACE Funding arts, logo, and assets very well so that these can blend well in the video.

For the audio, we carefully hand-picked the engaging soundtrack which is fun, nuancing , but not distracting. The voiceover has the crisp and friendly sound so that the video can get closer to the audience.

Our custom video takes the effort to explain the brand as well as the primary function of the service. With the elements that we described above, this stunning company introduction video will procure and maintain the interests about PACE Funding model of business.

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Animation production: Yans Media

Style: 2d motion graphics

 Explainer Video



Creative Direction: Tigran Movsisyan

Story Board&Illustration: Nune Khachatryan

 Motion GraphicsGevorg Vardanyan